Are you facing the problem of thinning hair, hair loss or a receding hairline? Well, men often encounter this issue early in life. However, this problem luckily comes with simple counter solutions taking Widow’s Peak hairstyles. All you need is the right hairstyle in order to divert attention from your hairline to your hair. Widows Peak Hairstyles immensely reduce the appearance of hair loss.

When making the important decision of choosing a suitable haircut for the first thing you need to figure out is whether you want to highlight this feature or make it less noticeable.


Popular Widows Peak Hairstyles



The Widow’s Peak is also known as a “cow’s lick” and it doesn’t necessarily have to be for men with hair loss. In some cases, this style works for men who have a hairline that naturally peaks at the forehead and forms a “V” shape.

Channing Tatum Widow’s Peak

Channing Tatum A.K.A “Magic Mike” is sporting a look here that uses the Widow’s Peak without accentuating it. He essentially brought the focus to a point at the front of his head, brushing it up and creating a strong style that commands attention.


Masking the Widow’s Peak


In some cases, men won’t want to show off the peak, and that’s fine. In this cases, you should go for a shaggy style that let’s you take the focus off of the front.

Emphasis on the Peak



In the photo above here, the hair is used to focus on the Widow’s Peak, but since this guy’s hair is still here and here to stay, he’s brought the attention to the front to show off the thickness of the hair near the forehead.

In this case, we can see a perfect example of how to style this type of hair and use it to your advantage.

Side Swept Widow’s Peak

Another option showcased in the images above is the swept look. Instead of letting the hair focus on a specific point, you can sweep it to one side or another to bring the focus away from the “V” shape at the front of the head. Doing this gives you a chance to work with a variety of options, especially if you’re someone who wants to distract from the peak itself.



David Beckham Widow’s Peak



We wrap up this list with everyone’s favorite soccer player by day and hair style creator by night: David Beckham! In all seriousness though, the Beckster likes to sport all kinds of hairstyles for men that really pop on just about anyone’s head.

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