Usher Raymond is an American singer, actor and dancer who is very famous among black men for his faded Mohawk haircuts. The iconic Usher Mohawk, also known as a south of France haircut, received popularity among African Americans because of its simplicity and elegance.

If you see his photos before the release of his multi-platinum album “Looking 4 Myself” you will find him sporting a cool South of France haircut. Curtis Smith from Xotics is the barber for Usher and he is the man behind such amazing hairstyles.


Usher’s Mohawk Fade Styles

The Mohawk hairstyle is one in which both sides of the head are shaved to a greater extent while a noticeable strip of longer hair is left at the top. Usher used to have a wider Mohawk haircut that’s different from a typical one.

Low Fade With Glasses

Okay, anyway, here we see Usher sporting his natural curls on the top with a burst fade around the ears. Notice how the hair is shortest near the ear, and then tapers upward toward the top, growing in length as it does.


Short With a Low Fade

This is why the South of France haircut is so popular among black men. It’s a great way to sport a modern hairstyle with a fade while still keeping it classy. When you think mohawk, you think of something wild and crazy, but this is truly The Gentlemen’s Mohawk.


Our Top Picks

So let’s have a look on some of Mohawk haircuts, buzz cuts Afros and fades of Usher Raymond. Here are our top 10 picks:

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