Lenardo DiCaprio enjoys hairstyles for round faces
Leonardo DiCaprio enjoys hairstyles for round faces. Titanic star Leonardo DiCaprio is a very round faced actor. As he has aged his face has actually got rounder.

Just because you have a round face and not a chiseled Hollywood actor type of face does not mean that you cannot look cool, sexy and stylish. There are plenty of mens haircuts for round faces out there that will look amazing when matched with that latest stylish clothes and must have accessories.

Some of the coolest, trendiest and most successful men in the world today have round faces. So if you are one of them, celebrate your luck with these amazing haircut ideas for men with rounder faces.

Hairstyles For Men With Round Faces
Round faced men have some of the coolest, sharpest and most modern men’s hairstyles for round faces out there. This dude has thick spiky hair swept back slightly and it looks great making his round face seem more elongated than before.
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