Hair loss can happen to anyone, even the famous and the good-looking. Well, Tom Brady is both and he also went through a bad hair phase. The quarterback for the New England Patriots, was known for his luscious and full hair at a time. However, after 2005, his hair started thinning.

Later, it was also said that tom Brady was undergoing a hair transplant and there was also news on him using hair growth inducing medication. His popularity also made sure that the Tom Brady hair transplant made national headlines.

Tom Brady Before Hair Loss
A picture of Tom Brady before the hair loss set in

Tom Brady Hair Transplant: Myth and Facts

So, when his hair started receding, it was really a dent in the perfect picture that he is. Given that his father also has a bald patch, he already knew that he carried male pattern baldness in his genes.


Tom Brady with Long Lock to Hide Bald Spot
A picture of Tom Brady with long locks to hide the bald spot

What’s That Bald Patch?

The long hair and flowing hairstyles apparently helped him to cover his bald patch. Rogaine, the popular hair formula, also went on record to recommend the player their medicine that the company would provide a free 3-month supply of.

tom brady hair loss evidence
Pics showing his bald spot

In general, a hair transplant procedure goes on for about 12 to 14 hours depending on the stage of hair loss and takes about a week to ten days to recover. It is also not a cheap procedure.

Tom Brady After Hair Transplant
Recent picture after the hair transplant

Some Just go Bald

Many celebrities have gone through this problem. Sometimes, instead of going through the works, stars prefer to go bald.


Pulling it Back


To cover the bald spot, Tom Brady most likely pulled his hair back to cover it. Clever, I’ll give him that.

Uh, It’s Not a Transplant?


Looks like someone’s putting the screws on Mr. Brady here. Could this be a questions about his alleged hair transplant?

Combovers Fix Everything, Right?


He must be confident that the combover is hiding the issue. The smug look on his face must be a result of that confidence.

Short and Stylish

Looks like things worked out for the best. Tom Brady is here with a smile on his face and hair on his head.


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