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Toddler boys always look cute, but not all kids have the same personality. Some kids keep on smiling, some look serious, and others seem to have an amusing nature.

Since there are so many kinds of toddler personalities, kids also deserve to get a haircut that suits their personality. There is a vast variety of little boy haircuts just like little girl haircuts. These range from spikes and Mohawks to shaggy and curly hairstyles.


Best Little Boy Haircuts 2016

This is a simple and easy haircut that doesn’t require any extra maintenance, and styling can also be done quickly. It is a perfect choice for African American kids with curly hair.


Afro Hairstyle



This is a cute afro hairstyle for little boys with curly hair. It really looks cool on kids with big faces that have a round shape, but the downside is that they are not easy to manage.

Faux Hawk

This is a cool hairstyle for toddlers with straight fine hair and gives them a dashing look. The hair on the sides is clipped to shorter length while the hair on top is left longer and lifted to form spikes.


Shaggy With Faded Sides



If your kid has fine hair then here is another hairstyle they can have. The sides are tapered up to the temples while the top hair can be styled with a comb over or kept in a shaggy appearance.

Long and Shaggy

This is a shaggy hairstyle for toddlers with long wavy hair. They’ll need to be a few years old before their hair is going to be this long.


Middle Length Shaggy

Shaggy hairstyles are not only common among young guys and little kids, they can also be adopted into such cool hairstyles like this one with bangs on the front.


Colored Mohawk

This is a stylish Mohawk fade haircut that will give a funky look to your son. I’m not sure if I would be alright with my son dying his hair blue at that age, but to each their own.


Messy Hairstyle

Messy haircuts not only look great on kids but also save a lot of your time. With these types of cuts, you won’t even need a brush or comb, you can just use your fingers!


Short Fohawk



Here is a cool fohawk hairstyle for little boys who don’t have much hair density. It’s not a perfect fohawk, but it’s adorable nonetheless.

Long Fauxhawk

This is another amazing wavy faux hawk hairstyle for toddlers with long hair.  Be sure to share this list with your friends and family on social media!



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