It is the desire of every man to please with a stylish hair cut. Black men in particular have a variety of popular haircut styles. One of the trending haircut fashions is the weeknd haircut. The name and style is derived from renowned R & B singer, Weeknd whose real name is Abel Tesfaye.

The Weeknd haircut style is a dreadlock fashion running through the middle section of the head. The hair to the side is trimmed as shown below. Get to know more about this haircut, the inspiration behind it and how you could get it.

the weeknd hairstyle

To impress with it, you need a classy touch from a professional. Despite the availability of various barber shops around you, there is only one place you could get stunning hairstyle inspirations. You probably have desired this great look on you. It is time to know more about it and how you can get it done on you.

The inspiration behind the Weeknd Haircut

Before you chose any haircut on your head, you need to understand the inspiration behind it. This way, you can know how to shine with it and for what reasons. You need this to have confidence to impress with your hairstyle.

“Weeknd” was inspired to grow his signature hairstyle by Jean-Michel Basquiat, a renowned American artist of the 20th century. He has been able to maintain it with hard shampoo. Just like taper fade haircuts, this unique hairstyle has been compared to a rooster’s comb, a tsunami, a cresting wave, a double mullet and the Elephant man. Therefore, these are reasons for which you could choose this elegant haircut.

the weeknd haircut

Before getting the Weeknd Hairstyle

There is a big contribution to your hairstyle coming from your side than the barber making it one of the simple and quick hairstyles. Consider this advice before your barber can style it into what you want. First, look at the following

  • The shape of your face – you can have a square, oval, round, heart or long shape. Apparently, the weeknd style can mainly fit a long face. However, your barber can advise when you get to the shop. This is because the shape of your face comes into consideration when you have a certain feature you need downplay like a large forehead, a very long face or a pointy chin. The Weeknd hairstyle will downplay most of these features.
  • The texture of your hair – the texture of your hair is very important to look at before settling on a dread hairstyle. Another related factor to include is its length. Hair texture can be described as straight, wavy, frizzy, curly, fine and coarse. This hairlystle needs coarse and curly texture. The hair texture also determines the methods, products and tools to be used.

weeknd hairstyle in 2016

  • ¾    Your personal lifestyle – this is a low maintenance hairstyle and if you have no time to keep bothering about your hair in the morning, then it is the perfect match for you. You don’t need much time to style your hair every morning.
  • ¾    Check your personality – if your daily work involves the management of people in an environment that is conservative, this may not be the perfect haircut for you. This is an attention seeking haircut fashion for a funky and edgy person. To stand out in your jazzy outings, the weeknd trend is all you need.

2016 the weeknd haircut

  • The shape of your body – your hairstyle must balance out your body shape. The weeknd haircut is something you could try if you are tall without big curves.
  • Your hairstyle is your wish – what are your fears and concerns about your peers concerning your haircut? Consider your personal loves, wishes and peeves. This is a hairstyle you can easily customize to fit your own specific details. It doesn’t have to be exactly like weeknd’s.

the weeknd 2016 haircut

Doing the Weeknd Hairstyle

To this point, you have now taken into account everything you need to before settling on the weeknd haircut. When you get to barber for a rocking high fade haircut, especially this one, just say that you need the “weeknd craze”. You will get the fancy free-form dreadlocks style you have always desired. To achieve it, you need the following:-

  • Grow your hair and leave it unkempt at all times. However, wash it occasionally
  • Leave your hair to grow however it will, in several directions
  • Advise your barber on whether you may need few adjustments here and there while cutting it

weeknd hairstyle in 2016

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