Julian Edelman

Are you aware of Julian Edelman, Patriot’s wide collector, who comes up with nice haircuts that normally form the trend? His “manicured” look kind of hair is a striking feature that normally earns him praise so often. Whether he has a scruff or beard, this athlete has a flair of maintaining a well-colored hair, thanks to his stylish, to control it for presentation purposes. Julian Edelman has dozens of hairstyles attributed to him but for this discussion, let us settle on five.

The Edelman Coif

Julian Edelman Coif Haircut

The Edelman Coif is a style of its kind that complements the athlete’s style. A razor closely cuts the sides as the top is combed in a back style but slightly raised fashion. Its military buzz cut like style differs it from some other tapered cuts. The hair only remains at the top while the sides remain with nothing. Sometimes, Edelman normally flips the hair straight back. It has, however, the option of allowing for extra length.

The Edelman Fade

Julian Edelman Coif Haircut

It aligns with the customary male cut that allows the length’s bulk to reside at the top while small layers being tapered off the back and side. The Edelman Fade is quite convenient for formal events, workplace setting or casual activities. So as to sustain a wet look, gel products can be used to manage the hair. It can work well together with a beard or even without it, but in case you choose to have a beard, maintain it equally manicured and clean. An individual who adorns this cut together with a beard looks somehow mystique in character.

The Edelman Short Haircut

Julian Edelman short haircut

The Edelman Short Haircut is usually simple and slick. The hair at the sides is usually unevenly uncut and lengths up a bit at the top. For those who don’t’ require a buzz cut or taper at the sides, such a style suits them. It looks very immaculate irrespective of the setting but it will more upkeep to sustain.

The Edelman Businessman Hairstyle

Julian Edelman businessman hairstyle

Through the various hairstyles, Julian can prove there are several ways that one can wear a haircut. The businessman haircut is a style that is sleek and requires a bit of gel, mouse and a comb.

The Edelman Faux Hawk

Julian Edelman's haircuts: Faux Hawk

Another twist to the normal haircut is Edelman Faux Hawk Style. You can utilize some holding gel and spray to create a bit of edge on the faux hawk. For those always looking to change things often as they diversify on their hairstyle portfolio, faux hawk remains an excellent trending style.

Remember that this is just five out of the several Julian Edelman‘s haircuts available. Edelman proves that you can shape a brand through your hairstyle when you keep a well-manicured look even when there is a little deviation. To wrap it up; hairstyle can complement an individual very well as these five haircuts of Julian Edelman show.


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