Trending Textured Hairstyles for Men 2017
Trending Textured Hairstyles for Men 2017

Textured hairstyles for men has been a blisteringly hot style trend the past 12 months or so. Now in 2017 the trend and demand for textured haircuts for men is dramatically on the increase.

In fact Barbers and hairdressers everywhere are extremely busy cutting textures into short, medium and long hairstyles for men. The way the hair is cut and styled adds considerable definition when properly styled and creates some awesome texture effects, movement and flow across the scalp. Textured hair for men looks good and cool any day of the week so its worth checking out with your Barber.

How to Wear a Textured Hair Cut?

If you are a young man researching textured hairstyles then appreciate that textured hair on a man can be worn forward, up, to the side, and really any design or direction that you happen to think is cool.

That said we think textured hairstyles are really awesome and innovative. Adopting a textured style is setting a trend right now. It is a man’s right, not just a privilege to wear one hell of a cool, edgy haircut after all. The textured haircut is an edgy look that is trending upward in the style stakes.

Trending Textured Hairstyles For Men 2017

So if you are on the lookout for some cool textured hairstyles or simply fancy a much needed change in visual appearance a textured hairstyle might be what you need. These ultra cool and slightly tousled hairstyles for men looks are still going strong into 2017.

Top Mens Textured Haircut Ideas

We first took a look at textured hairstyles for men last year. Here are our top textured hairstyle picks for 2017.

If you are a man who is thinking about getting a cool textured hairstyle. As always have a chat with your Barber and show him some textured hair pictures that stand out before he starts snipping. Then come back and show us what a great textured hairstyle you have right now.

Textured hairstyles for men 2017
Textured hairstyles for men are set to be one of the big style trends in mens hair in the next few years

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