Men’s Wavy Hairstyles are really popular these days. If you’re looking to an up to date style for your wavy hair, then this is the place to be! Wavy hair is considered to be the most rocking look these days.

The first thing is the haircut you choose for your wavy hair. Before a haircut keep in your mind that the average time you can spend on styling and maintaining your look in the mornings. If you have enough time to spend on your hair, then go for a longer haircut. This is the best choice as wavy hair look great when it is longer or cut at a medium in length. If you have less time to spend on your daily styling, cut your hair short.


The Quiff


The quiff is another vintage hairstyle that is coming back into style these days. It is now modified to fulfill the requirements of today’s fashion.



If you have thick wavy hair and want a lighter look then layers are the best option for you. This style thins out your hair so it appears lighter.


long wavy hairstyles for men 2014

The best way to accentuate your wavy hairstyles for men is to keep the hairs long. So this will be a nice style if you have long hairs.

Wavy Top


A Wavy Top is a perfect choice for a formal look for men with wavy hair as it gives a sophisticated look. It’s also easy style quickly.

Brushed Up

wavy hairstyles

Slicked Back


A Little on Top


Wavy Undercut

A hipster haircut like this works extremely well for any face shape. Wavy hair looks awesome on top of an undercut.


Short and Spiky


A little product can make the waves stand out. What do you think of these wavy hairstyles?

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