The chin strap beard has a history dating back over a century. With such history comes lots of adaptation of course, since the chin strap has evolved and come back in cycles throughout the years. These days it is favored by many men and a host of celebrities, not least for its minimalist style and ability to accentuate a well-defined facial structure.

To ensure that you grow the best possible chinstrap beard, there are a number of styling steps that you should adhere to.

First things first: Beard growth

First and most importantly, you must be sure that you can have all round growth of facial hair to cover the sides and chin from both sides. From here, at least 2-3 weeks full growth are recommended to give a strong starting structure for your chinstrap.

Following adequate growth, it comes time to create your chinstrap. At this point, accuracy is imperative to ensure that the beard is even and precise all around. It is no time for a shaky hand. Just one slip can be sure to destroy your best laid plans for an outstanding chinstrap.

Beard care and the perfect chinstrap style

Maintenance of your new chinstrap is not to be overlooked. It is essential to regularly shave the outline to keep the beard looking fresh and well –defined. Daily trimming and even consultation with a good beard stylist is highly recommended from the outset.

You can go thin or thick, depending on the outline of you face and what suits you best. For a sharp and thin style, look no further than the likes of Lewis Hamilton. Personal preference is key and also dependent on hairstyle. Try various alternatives and choose the one which best suits your facial structure.

Whilst it’s advisable to try various alternatives, always remember that you can shorten the beard taking the hair away, but you cannot put it back, so be light handed and cautious until you find the style which best fits your look.

Although the chin strap is highly popular and looks great if well maintained. It is key to choose the best look for you face. The measuring mark is usually defined as wider and thinker the more rounder the face. Thinner chinstraps can suit a longer and less rounded face. Ensure to keep up on your trimming duties as an unkempt chinstrap can quickly become an unfortunate eyesore.

It is a very confident choice, which projects surety of mind and a powerful personality, especially for the thinner chinstrap. The thicker and scruffier chinstrap can also be awesome and propel a laid back yet creative image. Not to forget you can also connect to a moustache for a further twist on this classic.

Finally, good beard trimmers and cautious approach are key to a successful chinstrap. You want you clippers to be high quality enough to provide a sharp, accurate and detailed cut with ease as especially with the chinstrap, the finest details are key. Just one out of place hair can make a world of difference.

Anthony Gallagher

Anthony Gallagher

Based in Seoul, South Korea, Anthony is a freelance writer and self-professed hair enthusiast. He attends like clock work for a bi-weekly haircut and complimentary ear waxing at his local one woman barber shop.
Anthony Gallagher