G-Eazy is a star to be followed right now when it comes to hair. He has helped to pioneer the G-Eazy which is a distinct and eye-catching style sweeping all the trendiest streets.

The G-Eazy haircut is actually a classical style, keeping men looking trendy since the 1930s. It’s a slick-backed style with a hard side parting that bad-boy rapper G-Eazy has recently resurrected from the speakeasy to make his own.

For this distinctive, James Dean like comb-over style, ideally you should use some high quality water based pomade to get that slick back holding just right. The hair should be diagonally brushed back over itself with precision to get that sophisticated but streetwise style.

Also known as the comb over slick back, the G-Eazy should have a sharp side part which allows the hair to be swept back precisely with some quality pomade.

The brush back style will have you looking every inch the gentleman. Combine this with tightly taper faded sides and you have modernized a classic smooth style.

The G-Eazy haircut can fit with any dress code, from the blazer look to the baseball game, it really is a style that will have you looking sharp on every corner.

A big plus for this revived, stylish classic is the ease with which the G-Eazy can be replicated. Simply shorten the sides, add a hard side fade and sweep back with gel or pomade to achieve the signature look.

Depending on your choice you can also razor part the side for a sharper and more definitive look to make sure your G-Eazy stands out from the crowd.

This style exudes confidence on the street, with its neatly tapered sides and glossy slick back on top, its sure to have you strutting with confidence. Adding some extra swagger the shorter cut the sides.

The G-Eazy has brought back the style of the roaring 30s with its distinctive look that is easy to achieve with the right quality pomade and barber shop skills.

As G-Eazy himself has just announced his newest album title, it’s sure to increase the popularity of this stylish cut, suitable everywhere from the boardroom to the beach. Applied right, the style will turn heads for all the right reasons.

The G-Eazy will define you as a trendy, self-confident and sophisticated man who is not afraid to experiment with classic style.
With the deep, razor-parted side, it can highlight a man as edgy to the young crowd whilst being smooth and sophisticated in a business setting. It strikes a perfect chord in the balance of stylish professionalism.

With G-Eazy just dropping the title of his new album, “The Beautiful & Damned” due for release in fall season, it’s the perfect time to sample and perfect your G-Eazy style.

With quality pomade, some fade and taper skills in the chair, the G-Eazy haircut will ensure you have a hit style to go along with the sure to be hit album from the man himself.

Anthony Gallagher

Anthony Gallagher

Based in Seoul, South Korea, Anthony is a freelance writer and self-professed hair enthusiast. He attends like clock work for a bi-weekly haircut and complimentary ear waxing at his local one woman barber shop.
Anthony Gallagher