Athletes do more than simply set the standards for sports records. They also set the standards for the latest hairstyles. Like so many others before him, the latest Stephen Curry haircut has people doing everything from copying it, to shaving his likeness into the back of their head.

Today we’ll look at the various hairstyles Stephen “steph” Curry has been sporting over the years. We’ll also show you a few super fans who have taken his style to the next level. Let’s check it out!


Like Father, Like Son

For starters, Stephen Curry was drafted in 2009 as the 7th pick. You can check him out, sporting a nice temple fade haircut, in the image above. Next up we have Stephen walking with his father, Dell Curry.


Three Point Shot!


One last factoid before we start talking about that hairdo: He has a trading card worth $9,999.95. His haircut is probably worth more though.

An Award for His Haircut?


Next up we have an interesting fact about our athlete of the hour. He currently holds the record for 286 splashes during his time with the NBA. In addition, his real name is actually Wardell Stephen “Steph” Curry II.

Rocking the Stephen Curry Haircut

Curry has what some people would call a “baby face” which makes his haircut suitable for younger people and kids. He tried growing a goatee, but apparently they still forced him to show his I.D at an interview with Dime Magazine.


Who’s The Barber?

The real question here is who is responsible for creating this tight haircut? The man behind the style is JayR Mallari. He is the barber for numerous NBA stars. Apparently he grew up in Vellejo without any means.


Both styles work, and if you’re thinking of sporting it yourself, consider what type of face you have. This isn’t really a good look for men with long faces, but it does work for those with round faces, or young kids.

The Stephen Curry Likeness Haircut


Are your a Stephen Curry fan? The answer is probably yes, but if you’re sporting a cut like the one above, you’re a little more than a fan. I don’t even know how someone is able to create a haircut like this. It even has colors on it!

I See a Face!


How to Ask Your Barber for the Stephen Curry Haircut

These cuts were courtesy of Anthony Reyes over at Empire Barber Lounge in the Concord, California area.

This marks a huge popularity increase for the Stephen Curry, especially because the popular soccer player Neymar has recently adopted the same style, saying that he was inspired by Curry’s look.


Like Father, Like Son Again?


I leave you with this final picture of Stephen and his son Riley at a press conference. It looks like his son is sporting a small afro there, which makes me wonder if he’ll embrace the long hair unlike his father?


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