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Do you find yourself putting off a trip to the barber?  Before you head out the door, consider keeping your hair longer.  As long hair comes back into fashion for 2016, an old look is becoming fashionable again.  Lets take a moment to consider the cool slicked back hair style options for men.

Latching on the general trend for longer hair, the slicked back hair look provides a number of opportunities to look cooler and stand out. In addition, there are plenty of reasons why an increasing number of men are turning to slicked back hair and slicked back undercut styles.



What Are Some Styles of Slicked Back Hair?

With the hair going down to your ear either buzzed or thinly cropped, the remaining hair is folded to the other end.  Depending on where you decide to place the part, you can create a number of different looks.



Slicked Back Options

Cool Slicked Back Hair Look 2015

From here, you can take the slick back hair look pretty much anywhere.  With additional hair product and carful hair removal, you can create points and circles in your hair as well as better define your scalp.

Slicked to the Side

Brad Pitt Slickback Look

The key to a slicked back haircut is the pomade that you use. You want to coat your hair with the product so it stays in place throughout the day.

David Beckham’s Slicked Back Undercut

The slicked back look is often paired with an undercut in 2016. As you can see, our resident hair example specialist, David Beckham, has chosen the look already.


The Classic Look

The classic style involves slicking back the hair on top and on the sides all at once. Start at the forehead and brush back everything you’ve got for this iconic look.


30 Seconds to Awesome



I’m fairly certain this depicts the lead singer of 30 Seconds to Mars, but either way this awesome painting shows off a slicked back look with a little hair hanging off the end.

Slicked Back With Some Volume

Using a smaller amount of product allows your hair to gain a bit of volume like in the picture below. This also eliminates any potential for the dreaded “greasy” look.


From the Side!


The slicked back look works from any angle. Even if you’re standing beside someone, you can still rock the look.

Light and Loose


Most people like a tight look to their slicked back hair, but you can also wear it loose like in the picture above. The key lies in how much pomade you use.


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