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Undercut is no doubt the hairstyle of 2016, but there is always a room for modification in everything. So today we are also sharing modified forms of undercut hairstyles. These are short side long on top men’s hairstyles.

There is not any specific name for these hairstyles in particular as it is neither an undercut nor a fauxhawk.

undercut style


1. Cultivated Side Part

Short sides and long top hairstyles can be paired with others like this side parted look. For this,  clipper cut your sides and part them on one side. You may add more style to it by creating a pompadour look.



2. Urban Slicked Back

Brad Pitt’s hairstyles are always epic, and always catch the hearts and minds of others. In this hairstyle he has tapered cut his sides and kept the top longer. The top hair is then slicked back using wet gel to give him a classic look.



3. Refined Retro

Vintage hairstyles are now also becoming very popular among fashioned men. Small length side hairs with a long top are styled in a pompadour with the difference being that they are kept a little messy which results in a decent look for your personality.



4. Messy Top

This is the simplest but most attractive hairstyle among all the ones I have shared with you. You can have it in less than five minutes.


5. Arty FauxHawk



Faux hawk hairstyles are very popular as boy’s hairstyles. The central long length hairs are joined together from both sides in an upright manner to create a classic fauxhawk.

6. Pompadour Styles



Here we have a classy looking gentlemen with a long on top and short on sides pompadour. Notice the volume in the front of the hair. This is a perfect way to style this type of cut.

The Extreme Pompadour


Here we have, uh, something very unique. This type of cut looks good on Asian men, so keep that in mind as well when choosing your own.

7. Bonus Styles

undercut-fade-hairstyle shaved-sides-hairstyle

There are a few more examples for you above. These bonus styles mix together several styles into one. For example, the first picture showcases a sort of fohawk undercut that also has a bit of a fade. This is a great choice for people in the hipster subculture.


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