The caesar haircut is a vintage hairstyle that was popular among men in the 1990’s. The cut consists of short fringes or bangs that are cut horizontally. The overall length of hair is kept much shorter ranging from 1- 2 inches all over the head.

Western men used to have such traditional haircuts in 1990 and hopefully the trend of Caesar cut will be back in 2016. This haircut is great for those who want shorter hair length and suit men with straight or wavy hair. Famous celebrities like George Clooney also adopt Caesar hairstyles.

The O.G Caesar Haircut


How to Ask for a Caesar Cut

There are two types of Caesar haircut styles. Let’s take a look at each so you know what you’re asking for. When Julius wore this style, all of the hair on his head was an equal length.


The Modern Caesar hairstyle 

Today’s modern variation allows for a taper/fade if you so prefer. Choosing this option will prompt the barber to make the hair on the sides and back of your head shorter than the top. How quickly the hair length fades down your head is entirely up to you.




Styling the Caesar Cut



Use your fingers to coat your hair with the product prior to combing as well. Once you have done this, comb from the top of your head to the front. This will form the fringe at the front of the hair.

Men Caesar Haircut Designs

Here are some examples of the various Caesar style haircuts that you can choose from. These should help you choose which is best for your haircut.


Caesar Cuts for Black Men


The Caesar cut is a great style for black men as well. It looks distinguished and it works well with this type of hair. Try it out!

Choose Your Caesar Cut

low-fade-caesar-haircut matt-damon-caesar-haircut

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