These trendy Asian hairstyles have gained popularity among many men who want to try something new. Let us check some of the most stylish Asian men hairstyles of 2016. We will also give you tips on how to style these awesome hairstyles.

This choppy layered haircut is an edgy and sexy look for men. This hairstyle can be easily achieved with hair products and mousse. Some hair mousse includes the ingredient lemon oil, which can be an irritant to the skin. A gentle formula such as John Frieda Luxurious Volume Bountiful Body Mousse is recommended, to decrease skin irritation.

choppy layered asian men hairstyles

K-Pop Style

K POP Asian Men Hairstyle

Use a smoothing cream such as Redken’s finishing cream, through your hair using your fingertips. Use a paddle brush to blow the fringe straight out and under.

Block Cut

Asian Block Cuts Hairstyle

We suggest the Philips Norelco, for its highly adjustable lengths. Leave the hair at the crown of your head a medium length and style it to your desired look. You can also keep the fringe straight up or curl it, depending on your preference.

Short and Slicked-back

Short and Slick Back Asian Hairstyle

Now, this short hairstyle for Asian men requires a generous amount of hairstyling gel or pomade. Try out this awesome hair product, the American Crew Hair Styling Pomade.

Short Spiky

Short Pointy Dark Hairstyle

This short and spiky hairstyle can be achieved by styling the hair with a non-stick gel product to create a smooth look. Try out this Paul Mitchell Hair Sculpting Lotion for the perfect styling product.

Professional Short

You don’t need an ultra structured look for it to be professional. Simply choose a style that isn’t in your face and pair it with a sweet suit like the example below.


Side Parted

The side parted look is perfect for this type of hair. It allows you to mold your hair into the perfect shape to suit your needs.


Short and Stylish


He may be one of the stars from Harold and Kumar, but this guy cleans up pretty well! As you can see, a short and structured look is also a great option.

Side Swept

The side swept look always impresses. A little bow tie action never hurt either.


Messy or Just Right?

Thest best thing about Asian hairstyles is the diversity they offer. Oftentimes they only need a little maintenance to look just right.


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