Shaved Head Hairstyles for Men
Shaved Head Hairstyles for Men

Shaved hairstyles for men are a really easy to maintain haircut that suits all kind of mens hair, color and texture. A shaved haircut sometimes known a buzz cut is also a really good choice for men with very unmanageable hair that simply will not behave when grown into a longer hairstyle.

Shaved hairstyles also suit men who are experiencing mild to severe hair loss. Mainly this is because the very short hair detracts from the appearance of thinning hair quite dramatically. Hence shaved hairstyles for men are a good choice for those gentlemen with some form of thinning hair. Lots of cool actors go for this style of mens haircut also, just like Prison Break star Dom Purcell below.

Dominic Purcell Hair
Dominic Purcell has a good hairline with no obvious sign of hair loss. His light goatee and mustache blends well with his shaved hairstyle.

If you are a man and are thinking of adopting a shaved hairstyle and you already have long hair with no visible signs of hair loss do consider this important point first of all. Namely it is a lot easier to cut the hair off than it is to grow it all back.

What we mean by this is consider how dramatic you wish your new hairstyle to be. Be prepared to ask your barber and friends for advice as to whether it will suit your style and image.

 half shaved hairstyles
Consider the change in appearance that a full buzz cut, ie a shaved head all over will bring. Hair is easier to cut than to stick back on.

Shaved Hairstyles for Men

If you are determined to shave your head then give some thought to these other styles of shaved haircuts for men. Men also like to experiment with haircuts such as half shaved hairstyles and side shaved hairstyles. A half shaved head for example is where you retain your longer hair on one side of the head in favor of a shaved hairstyle on the other. Some men also try the shaved back of head haircut. For sure there are many ways to experiment with the clippers.

Shaved Hairstyles for Men
If you are brave and know what you are doing then shaving your head by yourself is much cheap than a visit to the barber.

If you are gunning for the all over shaved head then take a trip to the barber in the first instance. On future occasions you might be able to ask a friend to run the clippers over your head to keep it short and fresh.

Often though fully shaved hairstyles for men mean a complete all over buzzcut. Hair that is razor short across the entire scalp area. Take a close look at some of these shaved hair designs and buzzcut hairstyles for men.

Colin Farrell Shaved Hairstyle

Here in this buzzcut design, Hollywood actor Colin Farrell sports a really cool shaved hairstyle. Its works well with his light goatee, face shape, physique and skin tone. Ample proof that some men can carry many different kind of hairstyle and still look good and handsome for the ladies.

Colin Farrell Shaved Head

This style is easy to maintain, low maintenance short buzzcut. When hair is shaved or cropped this short it is so easy to forget that the hair is even there. We doubt that Colin Farrell had to spend too long in the mirror perfecting this particular shaved hairstyle for men.

Dominic Purcell Shaved Hairstyle for Men

Another actor, this time it is Prison Break star Dominic Purcell showing us how to wear a easy to manage buzzcut. Just like Colin Farrell the hair here is shaved close. Dominic Purcell has a good hairline with no obvious sign of hair loss. His light goatee and mustache blends well with his shaved hairstyle. This buzzcut delivers a smooth look that looks well groomed and sharp.

Dominic Purcell Shaved Head

This shaved hairstyle is very casual, perfect for the no fuss man who simply wants to look good, spend less time in front of the mirror and simply get on with the everyday rigors of daily life. Dominic Purcell is a great advert for cool shaved hairstyles for men.

Side Shaved Hairstyles

This shaved hair style adopts a more unique, less uniform approach. The hair is shaved to leave it a little longer on top, while being side shaved shorter with a very sharp etched design that accentuates the style and appearance of the hair.

Shaved Hairstyles for Men

Despite being a longer shaved hairstyle, the haircut is still shaved short enough to remain a low maintenance style. Although this side shaved hairstyle for men may need regular upkeep on the sides to hold the edge definition as the days and weeks elapse.

Zayn From One Direction

Just as with the furore over Harry Styles cutting his hair recently, his former bandmate Zayn also prefers a short hairstyle. Zayn has shaved his hair very short but it works. Zayn has a great hairline with good density. His shaved hairstyle works a treat with the light goatee delivering a high impact shaved hairstyle for men that is easy to maintain and keep fresh.

Zayn Shaved Hairstyle for men

Zayn also has good bone structure facially which helps all sorts of hairstyles to look good. With this shaved look it might normally make him look younger than he actually is but the goatee keeps the years in check. In all a cool shaved hairstyle that simply works.

Shaved Hairstyles for Black Men

A lot of black men and darker skinned gentlemen of African origin have a hair texture that is often unsuitable to grow long. Hence it comes a no surprise to learn that many black men prefer a shorter shaved hairstyle that does away with the need for upkeep and time consuming hair maintenance. Hairstyles for black men have varied in trend over the years, remember the Will Smith flat top!. However a current popular hair trend for black men is this tightly shaved look complete with an edged hairline.

Shaved Hairstyles for Black Men

This look is simply sharp and neat all around. The hair is groomed and well defined at the front and sides. The defined edges of this shaved haircut lead into the edged goatee. While this hairstyle may need minor upkeep around the hairline and goatee, overall it is a easy to manage, stylish cut that suits most black men seeking a short and stylish look.

Footballer David Beckham

Former footballer ( soccer star ) David Beckham never lets the style down. Whatever David Beckham does young men around the world will follow suite. David Beckham is a hair icon among men. Not just a football star but much heralded for his sense of style and fashion also. He may have a squeaky voice but lets face it we all have our bag of hammers. With his mouth shut David simply looks good regardless of whether his hair is worn long or shaved as in this shaved hairstyle he is sporting here.

David Beckham Shaved Hairstyle

David Beckham is exhibiting a rather cool buzzcut, a shaved hairstyle for men that simply works. Light stubble on the chin accentuates his style and look. The male earring may not be manly enough for some but barely detracts. David Beckham also has a good hairline with great density. Even now at the age of 41 his hair holds up really well and far better than most forty something men.

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