Best Sergio Ramos Hairstyles 2015

Sergio Ramos is a fashion icon as much as he is a soccer superstar. This Spanish soccer player is particularly popular because of his thick, luscious, and exceptional hair. If he trims his hair, that makes news!

The best part is that he is not at all shy. He sports multiple cuts and styles. He has donned long hair, short cuts, and even dyed his hair platinum blonde. Lets take a look at the top 5 Sergio Ramos Haircut Styles of 2016.



The side Square





This Sergio Ramos haircut is quite popular with Spanish and Portuguese men. The side square is easy to maintain and gives a touch of style to short hair.

It is quite similar to a Mohawk – the side hair is buzzzed off, leaving quite a lot of volume on top of the head.

The Shoulder Length Cut





Shoulder length hair was a signature Sergio Ramos hairstyle for a long time.

Long hairstyles are definitely not for everyone since they require certain levels of maintenance and grooming.

Platinum blonde and the Quiff

Be careful to use the dryer only till the hair product has dried, any longer and it may lead to rough hair.

Lastly, use a little gel or hairspray to help maintain the style throughout the day.



The Businessman Cut

This is the ‘safest’ hairstyle Sergio Ramos ever sported. This is a businessman haircut that requires the hair following the shape of the head, with the top having the most hair, tapering to the sides, and buzzed at the sideburns and the nape.


Long and layered





This hairstyle has made him a poster boy of soccer. The hair has to be of shoulder length to get this style.

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