The ruby rose haircut is definitely one of the trendy hairstyles we have seen of late and it is apparently going to be around for some time. Ruby Rose is quite a star and you definitely do not want to miss one striking thing about her; her hairstyle. It is a perfect hairstyle for both sexes and therefore, men too look good on it.

This is a great hairstyle for a fancy look and it is something you would probably want to try out. If you are ready to do so, here is a step by step tutorial to get the ruby rose haircut style.

Ruby Rose hairstyle

Getting the Ruby Rose haircut

If you are looking for the ruby rose haircut, you are definitely looking for something close to undercut hairstyles. However, this could be a little bit special because it comes with variations and can easily be customized to suit your face appearance and shape. Here is how to get it.

Ruby Rose haircut

1. You can get the Ruby Rose haitstyle by cutting your hair sides short although low to medium size in terms of length. For instance, you can ask for a double taper style in this cut. This means that your hair will decrease in length as it moves from top to the back and sides of your hairline. It is one of the easiest cuts you can ever do on your hair yet one of the advanced high fade haircut styles with undercuts. For a perfect look, your barber needs to use razors, a set of standard clippers and trimmers too.

Ruby Rose fade hairstyle

2. Cut the upper part of your hair at an angle. This cut leaves one of the sides somewhat longer than the other especially when side slicking it backwards. The challenge would be for anyone used to doing symetrical haircuts. The Ruby rose style is kind of assymmetrical like most of Men’s Hipster Haircut Styles.

Ruby Rose hairstyle 2015

However, the most imporant thing to consider is the hair length at this upper part. It can be at a length that can reach beneath the eyebrows if you choose, about four inches long. If you are worried about your already existing undercut style, all you need is to grow it to about 2 inches in length to make the job easier for your barber to make good taper cuts on your hair.

Ruby Rose fade hipster cut

This may appear complicated but it will not be such a hard thing for your barber to understand what you want. This is a perfect decsription of what you can tell your barber about this style. There will be no fears that he or she may get it wrong.  If you want to be confident about the outcome of your hairstyle, you can carry with you a sample from these images to your barber shop or salon in whichever form: printed version or on your smartphone.

Ruby Rose hairstyle in 2016

3. Blow drying and brushing stage – blow drying of your hair and brushing it is important to give it the shape you want. For this stage, tell your hairdresser or barber that you want a cool temp fade There is a lot of variety and your barber will advise you on what you can have before choosing any of the brushing forms. Make sure that he or she understands what you are looking for. If you are a business person, let your barber understand if this matters to you most. See whether it is familiar to him or her.

2016 Ruby Rose hairstyle

4. Final touch – a final touch would be necessary for a thorough work on your hair. This can be made possible using wax or related products to style your hair the way you want it. The best hair pomades are out there and a good barbershop or salon should have them for a top-notch quality finish.

Ruby Rose hairstyle 2016

The other steps may have been executed perfectly but without this quality finish, you may not reap the total benefits of the ruby rose haircut. So this is how you could acquire that fancy look on you. It is time to get it!

2016 Ruby Rose haircut

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