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Among men’s hairstyles 2016, the undercut and pompadour are the most popular ones this year. The undercut is basically a modernized form of the bowl cut and you can style it in many different ways and even try it with a pompadour. Today we will share the most popular men’s undercut hairstyles which enable you to have vast styling options with this haircut.

This haircut is the most adopted among the summer hairstyles. This is because it feels light, trendy, and easy to maintain. You can see many celebrities with this hairstyle at most of the red carpet events this year which shows that you can easily have this style for formal and casual functions. Below are some different and very trendy undercut hairstyles.



Undercut With Beard

Don’t think that you cannot sport these hairstyles with a beard. You can also have this hairstyle with a beard, but this thing needs proper care otherwise this could become ridiculous.



Side Parted Undercut

Side parted hairstyles were previously very common among men and they are now revived. Their revival is with some change that combines it with different haircuts.



Short Hair Undercut



You can not have this with long length hair and generally you will find it with medium length hair. You can have this look and rock it with short hair as well. After clipper cutting your hair from the sides, then jagged cut them very short on the top. You can style it by simply moving your fingers through the finished look with some product.

Undercut With Spikes

Spikes are an all time favorite hairstyle for men. Try an undercut with spikes for a very unique and wonderful look. After you cut make spikes of your hair by using mousse, gel or cream.



Carved Undercut

You can add fun to this new haircut by carving it with different patterns and shapes. This will make it a funky hairstyle which works well for young boys. On your undercut area carve a pattern of you choice by simply asking your hairdresser.



Undercut For Curly Hair

You have to cut your hair short or medium length if you want to have this hairstyle for curly hair. This is because this length will highlight your hairstyle.



Brad Pitt’s Undercut

Brad Pitt, much like David Beckham, can do no wrong when it comes to his haircut. Here he shows that he can rock an undercut like the best of them.

BEVERLY HILLS, CA- JANUARY 19: Actor/producer Brad Pitt arrives at the 25th Annual Producers Guild Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 19, 2014 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage) *** Local caption *** Brad Pitt 2

Classy Undercut

The undercut works as a classy cut as well. It’s all about how you style the top.


Rockin’ Undercut

Who’s a rock star? You’re a rock star with an undercut like this!


Hipster Undercut

Anyone with this much of a brooding face just has to be a hipster on principle alone. That being said, the undercut hairstyle work for them as well.


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