2016 has been a very creative, exciting, and innovative year in terms of men’s hairstyles thus far. Anything that enters the men’s hairstyle market pretty much becomes the trend. This may be partly due to the actors pulling them off so well. For instance, shaggy looks that have been taken from “the Game of Thrones” have been on the rise.

Even towards the end of the last year,  trending fades and undercuts are still the dominant hairstyles. The combo of these two resulted in an Under-fade. Pompadours or side part pomps are also the ‘in’ thing and can be counted among the most popular current men’s hairstyles.  For some guys longer hair works better.


 Slicked Back

The classic look that hails from the vintage hairstyles of the 1950’s returns! A slicked back hairstyle is the perfect simple look for any gentleman.


Spiked Crew Cut



A crew cut works great in the summer and you don’t need to shave it short. You can leave it a little long and give it a spiky style.

Variation of Undercut



The undercut typically involves a long top and short sides, but no one said you have to follow the rules. Keep it a little long on the sides if you’d like, no one’s judging.

Layered with Natural Waves

Layered haircuts always work with longer hair. If you have a natural wave to your hair, you can rock this style with ease.


Top Knot



The top knot style is a perfect look for men with long hair. You just grow it out and tie it off and you’re done.

Undercut with Long Blow Dried Hair



Here’s a classic undercut. The long hair on top is paired with shaved sides and a shaved back.

Samurai Bun

Samurai styles haven’t gone out of fashion since the dawn of their creation. It’s similar to a top knot style, but the knot is smaller and the hair is slicked back.


Contemporary Side Part

A modern side part involves using a razor line to separate the hair. You don’t need to style it once the look is in place either.


 Brushed Up



A brushed up style needs some sort of product to hold it in place. Beyond that, a medium length amount of hair is the best way to solidify this style.

Simply Short

Short hair is perfect for anyone who wants a clean and cool look. This style is ideal for those who don’t want maintenance to deal with.


Caesar Hair cut

Ah yes, the look inspired by the great Roman emperor himself! The caesar cut is one that works for casual and professional occasions.


Main Stream Hipster

Oh yes, David Beckham once again graces our list. His unique and modern style always fits.



Christina Diamond
Christina is a keen fashion blogger and writes many of the articles here at Mens Hairstyle Club. Not only that, she also has really great hair.
Christina Diamond
Christina Diamond
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