Odell Beckham Jr is known for more than just his crazy hairstyle. This guy has performed some fantastic feats thus far in his football career, and it is these very feats that have put him on just about every sports fan’s radar. His hair style is one of the most desired haircuts inspired by athletes.

Not only is he talented as a player, but he’s made some astonishing one-handed catches that defy all laws of, well, everything! Today we’re looking at the Odell Beckham haircut and how you can sport one of your own today!


The Odell Beckham Hairstyle

At its core, the Odell Beckham hairstyle is a faded frohawk which is a great style for black men. As you can imagine, that’s a mohawk and an afro combined into one style.


The View From Behind


As you can see, it’s wide in the front and becomes thinner in the back. The low fade gives everything perspective.

Sans Highlights

You don’t need to have highlights in it either. This picture shows that you can wear it however you want.


The Full Package

When it works, it works! Highlighted tips, and great facial hair bring this style full circle!


Keeping it Casual


It’s a look that goes with you. You don’t need to worry about changing your style from being active to hanging out.

A Personal Style


Everyone is rocking an Odell Beckham style these days! This is a look at someone who just decided to make it work for them.

Just Chillin’


He may be a football player, but Odell could easily rock a model look too. The man knows how to pose, I’ve got to give him that.

Contemplating Awesome

I wonder if he ever sits and just thinks about how awesome he is. Does he channel it like this or what?


See the Resemblance?

The Odell Beckham haircut has spawned a bunch of memes like the one below. You have to admit, there is a resemblance there.


Christina Diamond
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