Neymar from FC Barcelona is always seen with amazing hairstyles. Just like his soccer game, the Neymar hairstyle and various haircuts are also adored by his fans. Being a professional soccer player, he is serving Brazil’s national soccer team as a captain.

This young man has won dozens of awards during his professional career. As per the latest rankings by The Guardian, he has been ranked as the 6th best soccer player in the world. For his fans, we are sharing the latest Neymar haircut photo collections from 2016. A simple step by step tutorial is also below to help you get your hair cut like him.





Latest Neymar Hairstyles 2016

So let’s move to the photo gallery that contains some awesome shots of Neymar with amazing hairstyles for your inspiration. Apart from  a Mohawk, you will also find him in cool fohawk fade haircuts and shaved sides hairstyles.


Shaved Sides Long on Top

Here we have him in his classic combed over style with short and shaved sides. I’m sure this look gets modified significantly over the course of any given game as he’s running around.


Brushed Forward

In this style, Neymar has the hair on the sides short like usual, but he’s kept the top fairly long and brushed it forward. It works well for him, and it could easily work for you too, provided you have straight hair to work with.


Short and Tight


Neymar is extremely young in this picture. He’s only about 17-years old, and he’s playing for the same club that brought Pele into the fold, along with Robinho. 

Blonde Faux Hawk


This photo is of Neymar in the Club World Cup in 2011. Here is sported a faux hawk with bleached hair being pulled upward on the top of his head.

Rocking the Mullet

Leave it to Neymar to make a mullet look cool. Granted the hair on the front of his head is long, but that long tail in the back gives him away as a mullet lover.



Faux Hawk Fade


I leave you with another picture of Neymar in his younger days. In this photo he’s about eighteen years old and filled with potential for both his career and his upcoming Neymar hair style choices.

The only question left now is what style will you choose?

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