Men Pompadour Hairstyles 2015

You’d be surprised to know that men spend just as much time in front of the mirror as women do styling their hair and are as (if not more ) particular about new hairstyles. The recently held Milano ModaUomo show clearly showed that Men’s hairstyle trends 2016 are extremely versatile. Be it short hair or long, there are styles galore that are setting the pace for men’s hairstyles 2016.

Men’s hair trends don’t generally evolve as fast as clothing trends; and the rather well established concept of “short and easy to maintain” is giving way to new hairstyles that can be easily accomplished by even the novice.


Undercut Hairstyle

You have it from the horse’s mouth: Undercuts are going to be a new and popular trend in 2016 and the fantastic thing about it is that with an undercut hairstyle the possibilities are practically endless- they can be achieved in so many different individualistic ways. The sides of the head are shaved and hair in the central portion is left untouched.

Professional Mens Hairstyles 2015 Undercut

Side Swept with Short Sides

The short side swept men’s haircut 2016 where the hair is slicked to one side, appears to be in style now and promises to look good on most people, regardless of the nature of your hair or the shape of the face. Also, most of the recent hairstyles had designers presenting the long bangs hairstyle (with a long bang covering one eye) that never seems to have really gone out of fashion.

Undercut With Long Bangs Men-3

Long Straight Hair

Long hair has been around, well, for a long time and this hair trend will apparently continue into 2016 too. Chin length hair or longer seems to be an accepted hairstyle trend in which the hair is simply combed straight and swept behind the ears; done that way, it creates quite an artistic look.

Long Chin Length Hairstyles Men

Classic Pompadour

The classic pompadour that has been round for decades still seems to be popular in 2016; the hair at the back and sides are cut short while the hair around the edges is tapered off a little. And what goes for the Classic Pompadour goes for the spiky hairstyle that is often considered a symbol of strong masculinity.

Classic Pompadour Hairstyle Men

Curly on Top 

Shaving the sides and keeping your hair curly on top is a great choice. This cool and easy style looks great and it lets you show off those natural curls.

Faded Frohawk


The faded frohawk is a look that has been gaining momentum steadily. Even today’s top athletes are sporting this classic look, along with singers like Usher.

Pompadour Undercut


The classic pompadour is making a comeback and its usually paired with an undercut to maximize the resurgence of the style. When the pompadour makes a comeback, it sure knows how to do it in style.

Spiky Style


Spiky styles aren’t going anywhere and they pair great with today’s looks. Try using some product and give yourself a look like this.

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