Summer Hairstyle Trends For Men
Summer Hairstyle Trends For Men

Aren’t you bored of asking your hair stylist to style your hair in the same old hair style? If you are someone who agrees then it’s time for you to give your hair a break from the same old usual styles and slip your hand through some new hairstyle trends of 2016.

This year is peppered with unique and bold hair style trends for the summer months. Men’s hairstyle trends have been taken to a whole new level with cool fades, brand new cuts, and unique styling this year. It is going to be a hot, stylish year in the world of cool mens haircuts.

Today we’re bringing hot, fresh and voguish looks of this year which are a unique combination of vintage-inspired styles and modern cuts. Ready to get started?



The best part about the undercut is that there is a lot of variety to it.  It doesn’t matter what kind of hair you have, whether curly or straight, there is bound to be one undercut hair style that is meant just for you.



The fade is one of the must have trendy hairstyles of 2016 even more than the undercut. Fades have a lot more variety to offer than an undercut. The 5 well-known fade haircuts are low fade, high fade, regular fade, temple fade and high top fade.


Razor Parted



If you are to do a fade cut yourself you will definitely need a heavy-duty hair clipper. You will also need TIGI Bed Head B for Men Matte Separation Workable Wax for styling it as it helps to give your hair a sleek look.

Top knot

Do you have short hair but you like the man bun? Then the top knot is for you. The Top knot is a combination of the top two hairstyles of 2016 that is the man bun and the undercut. Although difficult to achieve, it looks amazing if you get it right.


Disconnected Viking Cut



Clip the back and sides of the head using a good hair clipper like this one. This is the recommended hair clipper which lets you cut your hair in different ways and will let you enjoy a buzz cut as it is extremely powerful, cordless, and has a clipper kit in it.

Disconnected Undercut

As the name suggests, in all fade haircuts the hair near the neck is short and the length of the hair gradually increases moving toward the top of the head. Although there are different types of fade cuts, all  cuts that go from shorter to longer hair are called fade cuts.


Shaved Sides Angular Fringe

To get the fade look, the hair on the sides and back is cut in layers. The layers are then smoothened to exhibit a nice and gradual decrease in the length of hair. The hair is always clipped to the skin which means the hair becomes shorter as it progresses till there is no hair left and skin is showing.


Pompadour Style

All you need is hair length of 6 inches, not 10 inches which is required for the normal pompadour. It is really simple and easy to style this look. Allow the hair on the top of the head to grow up to 6 inches and then have an undercut on the back of the head and the sides. Voila!


Summer Brushed Up Hairstyle


Thanks for checking out these summer hairstyle trends in 2016! Let us know which one you’re going to sport in the comments below!

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