Today’s post is about hairstyles for men with long hair, and how men can also carry long hair stylishly when done properly. If you have long hair or are in need of a long hair style this article has everything you would need to know about styling and maintaining this hairstyle. Long hair hairstyles are a modern trend in men’s fashion.

These long hairstyles often different choices and variations of length and texture. Before choosing a particular haircut, decide what length you would like the hair to be. Different hairstyles can be better suited for different facial shapes. Another thing to keep in mind is that the more often the hair is trimmed the healthier it will look.


Elegantly Side Parted

Side parted long hairstyles are the most common style for men. It looks great and requires a very little amount hair products and effort, if any.


Curly Hair

If you have naturally curly hair then then check out these awesome curly hairstyle. This style can be achieved by cutting the hair to shoulder length.


Extra Long

If you have enough time and patience to style your hair on a daily bases then check out this popular long hairstyle. Increasing the length of hair will also increase the time you will have to spend on styling.


Structured Ponytail

The pony tail style is not just for women. If you have long hair then you can also try sporting a low structured ponytail.


Traditional Dreadlocks

This unconventional hairstyle looks great on men with long hair. This is a popular cut for black men hairstyles.


Perfectly Slicked Back

For any formal event slicked back long hairstyle is a popularly chosen style. Slicked back long hair can be casual or professional.


Thor’s Long Hair

The God of Thunder likes to wear his hair long and parted. For a face shape like his, it’s a perfect style choice.


Keanu Reeves Parted Look

Keanu Reeves has sported all kinds of styles over the years. This style looks awesome paired with some thick facial hair.


Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp has always showcased some awesome hairstyles for men with long hair. This is a more tame look than his style in Pirates of the Caribbean.


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