CR7 latest hairstyles for men 2014

Surprising your fans with a new look is one way of gaining popularity. Cristiano Ronaldo’s CR7 haircut does exactly this.The purpose of sharing this hairstyle with you is to give you information about how to get one yourself.

If you are planning to follow in his footsteps, you’ll find all of the CR7 hairstyle variations right here! Let’s get started!




1. Faux Hawk

This will require short sides and long top length. A CR7 Faux Hawk does not require any extra energy to be styled. Simply raise the central fringe of hair and use a small amount of holding product to keep it in place throughout the day.


2. Classic Retro

The Interesting thing about this hairstyle is that there is not any specification of hair length. Using a wet gel, simply comb back all your hair to achieve this enchanted look. This vintage hairstyle gives you an ideal formal look, thus making it an easy prom hairstyle.


3. Tapered Sides


Cutting your side hairs short and tapering their length leaves you with a thin and cool cut. This would be a perfect summer hairstyle for any discerning gentlemen. Ask your barber to taper cut your sides with distinguishable long length hair on top of your head. Then style this hair by brushing it back either side of the head.

4. Spiky

This appealing Cristiano Ronaldo spiky hairstyle is an all time favorite among youngsters. The modifications he made in this style are shown in the sides which are again very short. This is seen commonly in the latest CR7 hairstyles.



5. Zigzag

While we’re unsure where he got the idea for this style, we’re certainly glad he did. Here the hair on the middle of the head has a slight length and the sides are tapered short. Then on the sides a razor carving is done to create a zigzag pattern.


6. Razor Lined


Check out this Cristaino Ronaldo hairstyle with razor lines.  The middle fringe is styled into a ravishing faux hawk. This style needs your hair to be straight and if you don’t have straight hair, you’ll have to flat iron yours first.

7. Reviving the Mullet



Carrying two hairstyles at a time could not be done as efficiently as done by Cristiano Ronaldo. He has gorgeously combined a faux hawk with a mullet and the resulting hairstyle is breathtaking. For this you have to keep neck length hair and make the faux hawk out of crown hairs.

8. Side Cut with Razor Parting

This hairstyle has the benefit that it can be worn casually as well as formally. Side parting of the hair is done by using a razor thus making it deep. The opposite side is parted with two lines that are also carved using a razor.


9. Brushed Back

Men with curly or wavy hair could have this one as their casual look. This medium length hairstyle is quite easy to style and could be done even at home. Apply a small amount of hair pomade or crème all over your hair and then simply brush them back and you are ready to go out.


10. Messy Top



What do you think of the CR7 Haircut styles we’ve shown you? Which one will you be getting during your next visit to the barber? Share this list and tell us your favorites in the comments!

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