MacGyver Mullet Hairstyle

Mullet hairstyles for men used to be highly fashionable and exceedingly cool. In some parts of the world such as eastern Europe ( Euro mullet ) and parts of America they still are. Like fashion and technology mens hairstyles evolve with time. It is true that many men are influenced by popular culture. Screen and music heroes of yesterday did a lot to impress their cool hairstyles upon the minds of the young and foolish.

The mens mullet hairstyle was no exception. Even today this is a style of mens hair that can look exceedingly cool when paired with the right shaped face and physique. On the other hand the mullet hairstyle can also look totally ridiculous when a dude simply tries too hard to look like their mulleted rock or movie idols.

Mullet Hairstyles and Haircuts of Yesterday

So lets talk about mullets and who are these idols that used to sport this once so cool mens hairstyle, what is a mullet? The power mullet hairstyle is a strange beast, it usually refers to a mens hairstyle that grows hair long behind the ears while remaining short on the front and sides.

What is a Mullet?

The mullet hairstyle doesn’t look good on many guys with thick necks or on short dudes. Also you need to have the right hair type, preferably hair that falls straight or slightly wavy. The mullet hairstyle is often found hiding interspersed with some dodgy mens highlights. That said even women and babies have tried the style. Lets see some cool mullet haircuts and examples of this unique style.

The MacGyver Mullet Hairstyle

The mullet mens hairstyle done right can give you a nostalgic cool action hero look like this guy is sporting. This particular mullet hairstyle belongs to action hero MacGyver who is a top agent for the Phoenix Foundation, ( on television. ) MacGyver worked for a progressive agency devoted to righting the wrongs of the world (such as bad mullets. )

mullet hairstyles - macgyver mullet
If your brave enough to try this cool haircut then make sure you look like this guy, This is the Macgyver mullet.

MacGyver is known in real life as Richard Dean Anderson of Stargate fame and he is a mullet idol for many young men. Many celebrities have tried this style of haircut recently including Blake Shelton’s 2016 mullet and Bruce Jenner, even Zendaya at the Grammy Awards had a crack. This is a hair trend that is alive and kicking. Lets move on and see some more awesome power mullet hairstyles.

Another MacGyver Mullet Hairstyle

With a cool mullet hairstyle like this it is easy to see why the MacGyver mullet hairstyle for men was such a popular look in the mid to late 1980’s. As I said earlier when done well some guys can pull this look off now and still exhibit a cool haircut.

MacGyver Mullet Hairstyle
Not everyone can pull off the Macgyver mullet. If you have the wrong shaped face or physique then you will look silly. On the other hand if everything falls into place then the Macgyver mullet is how to wear your hair.

Of course not every guy is as fortunate to look as smooth, handsome and confident as MacGyver but still they tried in their tens of thousands to emulate his stylish mullet hairstyle.

The Mullet Down Under

The mullet hairstyle was popular in Australia also in the 1980’s ( some would say it still is. ) Actors Jason Donovan ( Neighbours ) and Russell Crowe of Gladiator fame both rocked the mens mullet hairstyle doing their bit to promote the hair trend.

Russell Crowe Mullet Neighbours
Russell Crowe sports a cool mullet and light beard and mustache in this pretty awesome hairstyle example. The hair is not too long so it works out.


This mullet hairstyle of Russell Crowe is not actually that bad, probably as his mullet is just the right length and in proportion to his face and the rest of his wavy medium length hair. A light beard completes his look.

Another Mullet Down Under

The same perhaps cannot be said of Neighbours actor Jason Donovan AKA Scott Robinson. While he may have been a teen soap idol his mullet hairstyle and his hair for that matter would not stand the test of time. By the mid 1990’s both his mullet and his hair were heading for the hills.

Jason Donovan Scott Robinson Mullet Hairstyle
As a former teen heartthrob this hairstyle might have looked cool once. Now it looks a bit dated although probably still popular in Eastern Europe flying the Euromullet flag where hair trends take longer to catch up with the rest of the world.

Jason Donovan was wise to adopt a more mature look as both the years and his hair and passed him by. These days Jason Donovan is unrecognizable from his time playing Scott Robinson in Australian TV soap Neighbours.


Andre Agassi Mullet Hairstyles

It was not just television stars that proudly wore the mullet. Heroes of sport were keen to play their part also. Tennis champ Andre Agassi used to wear a king of mullets. He was as popular for his hair as he was for his serve on the tennis court.

Andre Agassi Mullet Hairstyle
Andre showed the world that if you can’t grow your hair naturally, its better to stick it on with tape instead. Agassi does a good job of blending Van Halen with Tennis, even if he did need loads of glue.

In later years Andre Agassi revealed that actually wearing his mullet was a more accurate description and that his mullet hair style was in reality a ‘stick on job’. For Agassi his hair was fast thinning and doing a runner, even as a young tennis star. So a cool champs mullet haircut was out of the question without some toupee love and affection. A sporting hero has to do what he has to do!

A Mullet Killed the Radio Star

A mullet sure did get rid of this former radio star as this particular mullet hairstyle belongs to English radio and TV presenter Pat Sharpe. Mr Sharpe was never one to hold back on his good hair fortune. With Pat the cure was always more.

Pat Sharpe Mullet Hairstyle
The over the top mullet. Pat Sharpe shows the world his unique feather duster. A haircut more suited to spring cleaning than wooing the ladies.

To be fair radio star Pat Sharpe never really had to worry about hair loss or thinning hair but instead had the daily burden of grooming his over the top mullet hairstyle to ever new extremes. If Pat ever sat down to watch MacGyver he probably should have taken a few more notes on how to dial it down a notch.

Ronaldo is Guilty Also

Now for those of you that thought this hairstyle feature was some throwback nostalgia feature piece simply paying homage to forgotten stars of the 1980’s you will be disappointed for sure. As sporting legend and footballer Ronaldo was keen to offer deference to his childhood celebrity heroes.

Ronaldo Mullet Hairstyle
Football star Ronaldo is a flag flyer for setting new fashion trends, as demonstrated by his short rat tailed euromullet.

Eager to keep mullet hairstyles trending, soccer star Ronaldo was quick to add his own take on the popular mullet hairstyle into the mix. School kids across Europe would soon sporting the Ronaldo blend of mullet.

More Footballer Mullets

Not content with Ronaldo escaping with all the mullet glory and attention from the ladies, Soccer stars Cesc Fàbregas and Fernando Torres were more than keen to offer up some serious competition. Proving beyond doubt that Ronaldo’s mullet hairstyle was no fashion fluke, here they are with their own take on this resurgent male hair trend.

Soccer stars Cesc Fàbregas and Fernando Torres
More dead rats behind the ears, more footballers and even more Euromullets to enjoy as soccer stars Cesc Fàbregas and Fernando Torres team up.

Footballing icons Cesc Fàbregas and Fernando Torres would not let Ronaldo get the edge when it came to judging the soccer star that is sporting the best mullet hairstyle. Torres is particularly proud of his masterpiece; taking much time at the salon to add some stylish blonde highlights into his mullet haircut.

Billy Ray Cyrus Mullet

Fans of country music had only to look up to singer Billy Ray Cyrus to find a new hair icon. Billy Ray Cyrus was a particular fan of the mullet and would frequently add blonde highlights to his crowning glory to show it off to fans as much as possible.

Billy Ray Cyrus Mullet
Billy Ray eagerly brings a swathe of color to his manly looking mullet. As good a example of this hairstyle if there ever was one for sure.

It has to be said that Billy Ray Cyrus has a great head of hair. Billy compliments his mullet with a cool goatee and some light stubble to complete his overall style and look.

Joe Elliot Mullet

Rock star Joe Elliot of Def Leppard fame was not one to miss out on the mullet ‘Hysteria.’ As the lead singer of a multi platinum selling rock band Joe had to show the world a serious mullet that kicked ass. He was not shy about showing his fans a rather fine example of the mullet hairstyle.

Joe Elliot Mullet
Joe Elliot is a champion of the mullet, a true rock warrior he carefully crafted his look and style for years, if anything it kept his chest warm.

Joe was keen to point out to admiring Def Leppard fans that he had neither poured sugar on his head nor was he guilty of wearing a furry animal on top. Instead he simply asked his adoring fans to run riot, armageddon it and go out to the hair salon and get a cool mans mullet rockstar hairstyle just like him.

Patrick Swayze Mullet

Actor Patrick Swayze who sadly died far too young was a keen adopter of mullet hairstyles for men. Pictured we see Patrick in the action movie Point Break ( The good version. ) A naturally attractive man anyway Patrick Swayze grew his mullet naturally and it suited his face and physique perfectly.

Patrick Swayze Mullet
Patrick brings us his shaggy dog hair cut and mullet to boot. A cool hairstyle from a cool man and much missed actor.

When mullet hairstyles work out well we have guys like Patrick to bring some much needed style and cool to this particular look and hair trend.

David Beckham Mullet Icon

Style icon and former footballer David Beckham is as much known for his stylish mens hairstyles and for his sporting prowess. In his adult life he has exhibited a variety of cool hairstyles and is a definitive celebrity hair influencer. Many young men around the world attempt to emulate his style and copy his mullet.

David Beckham Mullet Icon
David always set the style that others would then seek to follow. Such is the case here pictured in his playing days at United.

You can be certain that when David Beckham goes to the salon and comes out with a cool mullet hairstyle that the world will sit up and take notice. Here in his Manchester United playing days Beckham shows how good mullets can be when grown to just the right length.

Michael Knight Mullet Hairstyle

As if talking cars were not enough, Michael Knight also had a really cool mullet. Of course in reality Michael Knight was played by actor David Hasselhoff.

Michael Knight Mullet Hairstyle
Who is more cool the car Kitt or Michael Knight, here they both are looking swish and in control.

Michael spent many a year on television showing the world his fine example of the mullet in TV series Knight Rider. Kids everywhere could not get enough of this smooth and suave mullet rider.

Wayne Rooney Hairstyle

One dude that we would recommend never attempts the mullet hair style is hair transplant victim and footballer Wayne Rooney. Poor Wayne was not blessed with the best head of hair and it flew away as a young man. Although he idolized stars like MacGyver and wistfully admired their flowing locks it was not to be when it came to growing his own.

Wayne Rooney Hairstyle
Poor Wayne Rooney had to accept that in life and in hair, somethings are just not meant to be.

Poor Wayne had to abandon any attempt to emulate his mullet wearing idols. A flowing mullet hairstyle for Mr Rooney would be a disaster in the making.

Mullets Gone Bad

Lets face it mullet fans all across the planet want to look like MacGyver or Brad Pitt or even the very cool Patrick Swayze. These are admirable aspirations when it comes to sporting a really awesomel mullet hairstyle. On the other hand some guys like to take the mullet to extremes. Keen to attract the ladies, this guy pulls out all the stops when it comes to showing the world his knock em dead mullet haircut.

Mullets Gone Bad
For every David Beckham and Michael Knight there is a guy like this. A hairstyle to lock away in a dark room or bring out at Halloween.

All we can say about this mullet hairstyle is each to their own. On the plus side this dude is sporting a rather nifty mustache. Anything to detract from the dead cat behind his ears.

Really Cool Mullet Hairstyles 

Asking your barber to design and cut you a mullet haircut, just like shaving your head is a matter of purely personal taste. This is a hairstyle that does not suit everyone. A man must pay attention to the shape of his face, hair type and physique to pull off this look. When wearing mullet hairstyles you can either look very cool or completely ridiculous.

With a mullet sitting behind your ears people will stare at you but will it be for the right or wrong reasons; this is what makes mullet hairstyles so risky to pull off well. Even hair and fashion icons are prone to failure at making this style of haircut work for out them.

Understand that with wearing a mullet style haircut, just because it looks good on a famous celebrity does not mean that their mullet hairstyle will also look good on you. With a mens hairstyle like this consult your hair salon or barber for professional styling advice. A mullet hairstyle is often suited only for the bravest and most confident of men.

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