The Ivy League Haircut is short and classy which gives off a very elegant look. Since this haircut owes its popularity to undergraduates of the Ivy League universities, it is also known by other names like the Brown Clip, Cambridge cut, a Princeton Clip or a Harvard Clip. Men in the military are equally known to adorn this haircut.  They like this hairstyle because it has short sides which complimented their dress codes or uniforms well.

The forward look was meant for variation. People of all ages wear this hairstyle such as Jesse McCartney, Taylor Lautner (from Twilight) and Jeremy Renner to name a few.

Classy Ivy League Haircut

Short Ivy League Cut With Facial Hair

Our first example is one that looks classy on the older gentlemen readers out there. A bit of stubble combined with an ivy league cut keeps you looking young and stylish.

The X Factor

George Clooney’s Ivy Cut

George Clooney in Ivy League Haircut

George Clooney’s hairstyles can do no wrong. Here he is showing us that the ivy cut is absolutely in his repertoire.

David Beckham Rocking the Ivy League Haircut

hairstyles for men with 15 ivy-league

He may play soccer, but that doesn’t stop this guy from showing his classy side. David rocks a solid spiky variation of the ivy league style with some heavy stubble on his face.

Matt Damon’s Ivy League Hairstyle

Mr. Damon knows how to look stylish both on and off the set. Here’s he showing off a classic Ivy League cut that fits his face shape perfectly.

Matt Damon in ivy league haircut

Ivy League Taper Cut

This example shows off a version of our classic cut with a taper on the sides and back. This gives it a high and tight look that any military men would approve of.

new ivy league haircut

Zac Efron’s Ivy League Style

short hair style ivy league

Zac Efron wears his Ivy League cut short and tight. He’s touting the line between this and a buzz cut.

Old School Ivy League

Tom Hardy in Ivy league haircut

Back in the day, if you wanted an Ivy League cut, this was what it looked like. Classics never die my friends, so don’t be afraid to try this one out.

Spiky Ivy League Cut

Trendy Ivy League Haircut

If you have spiky hair, you can cut it short and let style it into this variation of the Ivy League look. A little facial hair like the soul patch above and you’re good to go.

Blonde Ivy League

Military IVY League haircut

Hair color does not change the fact that an Ivy League cut can work with brown, blonde, or even green hair. You know what, scratch the green hair.

Ivy League Cut For Square Shaped Faces

Someone with a strong jaw, like this guy below, can benefit from the and Ivy League look that compliments the structure of the face. It also works for those with long faces.

contemporary Ivy League crew cut hairstyle

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