Bowl Haircut for men with Beard

The once goofy looking hairdo from the 90’s is now a stylish clean cut of the modern times. The modern bowl cut looks great and can be mixed in with other styles to create a sexy and unique look.  This cut can be done with a touch of an undercut, a fade, or with short or longer hair. There are many other combinations of haircuts and textures that can be used to give the bowl cut style an unique modern look.

With the growing popularity of the quiff and conventional haircuts, the majority of men wear their hair swept to the side or pushed back. Many styles sport the back and sides short and sharp. The bowl style can be made with a lower blur, which will give texture to the hairstyle while the crown section will stay longer. The hair is kept heavier and more towards the front. This haircut is an awesome alternative for men who are experiencing a receding hairline or thinning hair.


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