A taper haircut is a stylish and masculine haircut that will never go out of fashion. I timeless hairstyle, such as this, has always been trendy. This cut can be achieved at any regular barbershop. Taper means that the length of hair decreases gradually from the top of the head down to hair line at the neck. No matter what type of hairstyle you’re looking for a taper cut can fit your needs, from sexy and trendy to business professional.

An extreme version of the taper hairstyle is the tight classic taper. This style has a very neat side part, and it can be styled differently. From a style to fit a formal setting to a messy style for a more casual setting. This style consists of a short back and sides with a little bit of length, to allow some styling options. You can wear this style swept to the side or choose to wear it slicked back.


1. Round Face Shape

For a rounded face shape, a taper cut can work wonders towards hiding the curves of the face and making it slimmer. Here we have a low fade with a spiky style on top for a vertical look.


2. Classic Slick Back



Slicked back hairstyles are back in style, and for good reason. Here we see that it pairs well with a low fade.

3. Colton Hayne

If you have a long face like Colton Hayne here, you can still have a taper fade with spiky hair on top. It really is a versatile style.


4. Flat Top

The flat top is something you don’t see as often as you used to. That being said, it does have a great compatibility with a taper on the sides and back.


5. Faux Hawk



The faux hawk is often paired with a taper because of the hair on top being the focus. It also makes styling the look a lot easier.

6. Parted Side Swept



A razor parted side swept look is a great choice if you’re looking to bring today’s modern taper cuts to life. Styles like this are found everywhere on everyone.

7. Classic Taper

The classic taper is a look as old as time. As you can see, it holds up to this day for a classy and professional look.


8. Professional

Modifying the classic taper can leave you with a stylish look that combines both form and function into a sleek modern style. The low fade on the side blends perfectly with the light stubble.


9. Short Taper



A short style on top pairs with a taper like peanut butter with jelly. The length on the sides drops in length and leaves the top to run the show.

10. Taper Fade with Designs



Hair designs come in a variety of styles. I’ve seen everything from waves like the picture above, to athlete’s faces ingrained into someone’s head.

Christina Diamond
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Christina Diamond
Christina Diamond
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