You may think that men with short hair have a limited choice when it comes to short hairstyles. Well, as they say, it’s not the size, but how you use it. If you’re rocking the short hair look, don’t fret, there’s always new products and styles coming down the pipeline that give you options.

Today we’ll look at some sweet short hairstyles 2016 for men that are not only trending but damn fine looking as well. These haircut styles for men prove that even we can get creative with our looks when we want to.


1. Angular Fringe


This style is best suited to men with round faces as it complements the shape, without making it stand out.

While some may try and tell you it’s a pretty boy look, you can just remember that they only say that because you’re better looking than them. When it comes to short haircuts, this look always brings out the good looks in you.

2. Simple Casual

Simple casual hairstyles tend to be shorter on the side but longer on the top. Short hairstyles don’t have to be complicated, you can just let the hair do what it will.

These are low maintenance hairstyles on a daily basis, but if you want to keep the look intact, you’ll need to visit the barber every few weeks. Among the various men’s short hairstyles we’re looking at today, this one is one of the simplest.


3. Caesar Cut

Caesar cuts are perfect for just about every occasion. They’re short and manageable if you’re on the go, and they fit right in at any professional gathering.

This is perhaps the oldest haircut for men, seeing as how it began back in ancient Rome.



An Explanation of the Caesar Cut


Caesar haircuts are a stylized version of a buzz cut. They have a strong contour around the front that makes it look clean and structured.

You look like a natural born leader or someone with strong character. Guy’s hairstyles tend to be rugged and sharp. This one certainly meets those requirements.

4. Short Back and Sides




It can be a gradual decrease, like a low fade, or it can be a high fade with a quick drop to bare skin.

Haircuts like these go great with facial hair by the way. These aren’t new hairstyles for men, but they can be combined with styles like the undercut.

5. Pompadour

Luckily time has curtailed the style and made it less, shall we say, ridiculous? Today this is a top haircut for men even though it began as a woman’s style back in the day.



6. Side Part




The side part has been around for a long time, and for good reason. This is the kind of cut that ages very, very well. The side part has been part of the short hair styles for men for a long time, dating back to the vintage styles of the 1950’s.

Ask Your Barber for a Side Part


An oldie, but a goodie. Welcome to the world of the side part. This style is perfect for the professional gentlemen who wants to have short hair, but also wants to be taken seriously. If you’re looking for hairstyles 2016, this classic look is making a return.

7. Slicked Back




This style can either make you like a certified badass or give you a quick and effective style. Short haircuts for men come in a variety of forms. This style is a simple and effective version of that.

Nothing too special with this one, just throw some product in with a light hold (so it doesn’t look greasy) and stick the sucker back.

8. Undercut Variations




For the discerning man who doesn’t waste time mulling over decisions, we introduce the Undercut.

It’s long on top, sure, but it immediately drops in length around the sides and back. This is easily one of the top haircuts for men right now.

9. Simple Short

Simple short doesn’t really have an exact definition. It’s not quite professional, but it’s not casual either.

If anything, this is a versatile haircut. You can tame it with a good brushing, or let the beast do what it will.



10. Brushed Up Fade




I know the guy in the first picture looks like someone just told him the meaning of life, but this style has a great chaos to it.

The top is long while the sides are tapered and fade down in length. What do you think of these short hairstyles 2016? Share your thoughts in the comments!


Christina Diamond
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