Lebron James Hairline Fixed

The subject of Lebron James’ hairline and his possible transplant are hot topics discussed by many of his fans since last year. Many people are still confused. Did the NBA star really have a hair transplant or not? In this article, some interesting facts about Lebron James and his hair transplant are about to be revealed.

Lebron James is one of the most successful NBA superstars. He plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers and commands a cult following. Not surprisingly, anything and everything he does attracts a lot of public attention, analysis and critique. The same happened when the Lebron James went ahead and got a hair transplant treatment for his receding hairline.

Lebron James Hair Transplant

Lebron James Going Bald?


After much talk about the chronic hair loss, he appeared at a promotional event last year where he sported a thicker hair cover. He has since then also stopped wearing his characteristic head band.

Hair Transplant Confirmed?

Lebron has not confirmed a hair transplant and does not seem to be willing to say anytime soon. However, there is enough proof in support of procedure taking place.


How Does a Transplant Work?

Now, during a hair transplant, a piece of the skin from the scalp with healthy hair is taken off. Wayne Rooney, the soccer star also has undergone two transplants to tackle his hair problems.

Lebron James Hairline Fixed


What’s Lebron Hiding?

This fuelled the debate that he was using a spray or powder to cover his patch during the promotional event. Alternatively, it could have been the case of a failed hair transplant surgery, which is also possible.



Lebron’s Barber Spills the Beans

Despite being one of the most successful athletes in the world, Lebron James still gets crap for his receding hairline. Sometimes it looks fine, other times it looks like he’s balding. lebron-james-hair-band

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