Unless you’ve been living under a rock (in which case, you probably need a haircut) then you’ve probably heard all about the types of fades out there. Well, among them, the taper fade has been at the top of every trendy gentleman’s list.

Whether you’re looking for a classy side parted look, or something a little more modern, we’ve got the taper haircut styles you’re looking for. These cuts will also showcase the differences between a high taper and a low taper for those who are curious about the different types of fades.


The Side Parted Cut



This is very similar to the classic taper haircut, and works great as an IVY League haircut or for any other professional look. As you can see, here we have a high taper on the sides with a burst fade around the ears.

To get a cut like this from your barber, ask for these things: have the stylist use a clipper for the sides and back with the setting between #5 and #2 depending on your length preference.

 The Disconnected Undercut Fade

Similar to the cut above (pun intended), this version of a fade has longer hairs on top, but instead of gradual fade to the shorter hair, there’s a “disconnect” between the hair on top and the hair on the sides/back. Notice how the change is immediate.

Among the various types of men’s haircuts, the undercut has been taking the world by storm and it’s often paired with a fade taper like in the images below.



Faux Hawk Fade

Next up we have the Faux Hawk. This is modified version of the mohawk where the sides aren’t shaved, but instead fade downward in length.

This is a low taper fade, as evidenced by the gradual decrease in length down the side of the head.

  • Keep the length on top and style it in to a mohawk style.
  • Cut the sides and back with short, tapering the fade however you like (high or low)



High Taper Haircut


This taper fade haircut decreases the length almost immediately and quickly results in a bald taper around the ears.

This look is achieved by tapering the hair down to nothing much quicker than you would with a lower fade. It’s not as gradual, the change is more sudden.

Undercut High Fade


Here you’ll notice that the hair on the top is long and the change in in length is sudden. This would be an undercut style with a high taper. Among the types of fades, this is the most popular.

High and Tight Fades



With a high fade, the hair fades away completely within 2-inches from the top of the head. This is the maximum length, it can be shorter than this and still be a high taper fade.

When going to the barber, remember these tips: length on top (choose per your preference), sides and back tapered completely within 0-2 inches of the top.

Low Fade


This is the exact opposite of a high fade. In a low fade hairstyle, the tapering is more gradual and extends down the sides and back of the head. When combined with facial hair like sideburns, it looks like everything is connected.

Afro Fade

Last we have a great type of taper fade haircut for men with short curly hair . Known as an afro fade, this is a style this very popular among African American men.

You’ll notice that the curly hair is used as a great centerpiece for the top of the head, while the sides and back are faded in a similar style to a low fade. This look goes best with some great facial hair to complement the style.


Best Taper Fade Hairstyles for Men (Gallery)

For more inspiration, check out our gallery below of all these different styles in action. Use this to inspire you next haircut! Remember, while the various types of fades are easy to maintain, you should always keep some pomade or paste handy which will help keep everything in place.

Share your own styles and let us know which ones are your favorite in the comments below!

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