Have you ever heard about Princeton Haircut or Harvard Clip? They are basically another name for an Ivy League haircut, which is becoming popular among men.

In generalized terms, it is a modified form of a crew cut that gives you a more refined and cultured look. So, in this post we will tell you about the latest Ivy League hairstyle trends for men. It includes a detailed description of styling and maintenance of this haircut. Let’s get started.



Ivy League Hairstyle Photos

This is one of the common hairstyles worn with this haircut. Sides and back are tapered short and front hairs, which are relatively longer in length, are styled into a pompadour. It will give you a nice and elegant formal look. It’s one of the best choices as a business hairstyle for men.

latest ivy league hairstyles for men 2014

1. Ivy Cut With a Fringe

Styling hairs in a side fringe manner with a light part is another attractive option for you with this haircut. This haircut is for thick hair styles. For this your length on the top must be long enough to be styled in a side fringe manner. The result you will get is an extraordinary style.

Ivy League haircut for thick hairs

2. Jonah Hill’s Ivy League Cut


Jonah Hill is a well-known name in the American film industry. His work as actor, director, and writer is always great. His hairstyles are always an inspiration for men and this is best one. Here he is sporting an Ivy League hairstyle for round face men.

3. Ivy League Cuts for Men With Beards

Ivy league haircut and beard

Pairing your hairstyle with facial hair to create a stunning appearance is not simple task, but it is effectively attained in this hairstyle where the Princeton haircut is combined with equal lengths on the side and facial hair. This hairstyle is for men of all ages, even young boys can have it.

4. George Clooney Hairstyle


Here we have George Clooney sporting the style. Honestly, is there any haircut he can’t pull off? I guess maybe a faux hawk, but even then he might still make it work.

5. Paired With a Bow Tie


This is a longer variation of the style, but as you’ll notice this short hairstyle for men can be used with hair that has a little length to it. The way it is cut and styled still gives an air of sophistication That’s the balance that this haircut seeks to achieve.

6. Matt Damon Style

Next we have a photo of Matt Damon sporting the style himself. He tends to keep his hair around this length and sometimes wears it as a Caesar cut depending on the occasion.


7. Anderson Cooper’s Hair

Anderson Cooper ivy league hairstyle for men with receding hairline

The Ivy League haircut is great for men of all ages. If you can’t believe it. then look at Anderson Cooper who is looking pretty dashing in the photo below. He has a side part in his grey hairs resulting in this evergreen photogenic look. This Ivy League hairstyle is also for men with receding hairlines.


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