Men have been brandishing cool and diverse cuts in recent years. They have been putting more exertion than usual into styling them. Redesign your look by attempting one or more of these cool hairstyles for modern men of this current year, a large portion of which can be styled in various ways. These hairstyles are so natural, you simply splash some dry shampoo at the roots and utilize your hands to make a structure.

These hairstyles of 2016 for modern men are a wellspring of the best motivation. Whatever your hair type, you can make them your way.  These cool hairstyles are prevalent and all around you if you take a look. There are numerous alternatives to each of these styles, but these are the top choices.


1) Fade Hairstyle

Fade hairstyles are normally short and infrequently cut close to the neck; any hair style with a slow move from shorter to longer hair is a fade trim. For this hairstyle Fixx Thick Hair Shampoo and Conditioner would be the best choice.

Fade Hairstyle for Modern Men 2015

2) The Man-Bun

A top knot is a blend of two of the trendiest hairstyles– The Undercut and the man bun. This mixture style is amazingly hard to pull off, however, in the event that you can – it looks truly astonishing and cool.

Top Knot and Man Bun Hairstyle

3) The Top Knot Style

The top knot hairstyle has picked up notoriety because of the short hair length (compared to the man bun hairstyle) that it needs. You needn’t bother with mid length hair to get yourself a top knot hairstyle, and you can without much of a stretch to go from a muddled hairstyle or slicked back undercut to a topknot style.

Man Bun Hipster Hairstyle

3) Disconnected Hairstyle

The medium length hair on top is known as disengagement as a result of the absence of move between more hair and shaved sides. The ultra short shaved sides are called an undercut.

Disconnected Hairstyle for Modern Men

4) Cool Curls

Young ladies aren’t the main ones shaking curls these days. Fellows have gotten a handle on their common composition as well and those with normally straight hair have even decided on changing their hair using products and tools.

Cool Curls for Modern Men

5) Short and Sweet

Cutting your hair down and wearing a short style is always in the cards. A sweet buzz cut like this one is most certainly a popular hairstyle in 2016.


6) Cool Spiky hairstyle

This hairstyle is likewise very adequate for exquisite occasions. Apply American Crew Forming Cream and comb your hair upward with the brush to make the spikes.

Cool Spikey Hairstyle for Modern Men

7) Cool Twists Coif

This hairstyle is apparently the most well known of all hairstyles for men in light of the fact that it looks amazingly provocative. Apply Bed Head curls defining cream and twist the hair in groups.

Cool Twists Coif for Modern Men

8) Side Parted With a Beard

This style gives you the chance to try a few genuine twists to your style. The side parted style looks great for any situation, and the beard solidifies your manliness.

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