Brooklyn Beckham Hairstyle
Brooklyn Beckham Hairstyle

Young Brooklyn Beckham is a trend setting teenage celeb and is the son of David and Victoria Beckham. Just recently he unveiled his new cool summer 2017 haircut and his very first controversial tattoo. It seems that having a Brooklyn Beckham inspired hairstyle is something many young men around the world aspire to. Here in this celeb hair feature post we offer some examples of his cutting edge look and style.

It seems like Brooklyn’s stylish haircut is actually channeling a much younger version of his father who was known and still is for a wide array of popular men’s hairstyles while a footballer. Now we show you how to get a Brooklyn Beckham hairstyle in 2017.

David Beckham of course is the world famous footballer from England ( now retired. ) David also is a style and fashion icon for man young men around the globe and we have covered his hairstyles over the years many times here on MHC.

Brooklyn Beckham : A Teenage Style Icon

Brooklyn however is actually the eldest son of the Beckham’s and he was recently spotted leaving LAX with a fairly shaggy hairstyle. A look which really makes him resemble his famous father even more. Brooklyn’s new hairstyle is just missing the blonde highlights that his father often includes in his look.

Some people can be a little mean and say that Brooklyn Beckham is not quite as handsome as his Dad. The reality is that he is still young and growing into his adult body. To be fair David did not look particularly groomed at the same tender age either.

As he gets older and crafts his style, groomed look and celeb identity he will no doubt end up as the splitting image of David as is common with many well known fathers and their sons. Often the son who has a famous father feels he has so much to live up to. In reality they need to discover their own identity and path in life.

Style Icon Brooklyn Beckham Gets First Tattoo

Brooklyn Beckham Hairstyle : David is also known for his love of tattoos and he has an impressive collection of body art that would give Tommy Lee pause for thought. Recently Brooklyn Beckham was spotted getting his first tattoo under David's watchful gaze.
David is also known for his love of tattoos and Brooklyn Beckham has now got in on the act.

David is also known for his love of tattoos and he has an impressive collection of body art all over his body that would even give Tommy Lee pause for a thought. Recently though Brooklyn Beckham was spotted getting his first tattoo under David’s watchful gaze.

The newly single celebrity kid mixes with many other famous children. Being David Beckham’s son this opens many doors that are closed to ordinary teens. Brooklyn recently ended his relationship with young actress Chloe Grace Moretz.

Brooklyn is a big fan of social media, perhaps recogizing the value in building large numbers of followers, something that only celebs can really do. Brooklyn often takes to his Instagram account to pose for the camera and show off his muscles and hairstyle while working out.

In one Instagram video in particular, it looks as if Brooklyn Beckham is actually climbing steps mid-air. This really shows off his upper body strength as he dangles impressively from a high pull-up bar. Instagram and other social media platforms are great places for young Beckham to show off his latest celebrity hair trends.

Brooklyn Beckham Hairstyle Tips

Having great hair as a man means you can adopt a wide variety of styles. As long as Brooklyn’s hair does not fall out he will be able to carry many different looks over the years. His father has a full head of hair so he may be lucky on that front, although it is always hard to tell as a teenager.

Brooklyn Beckham Hairstyle
Brooklyn Beckham Hairstyle: Even though he is younger here he still looks the part effortlessly.

Obviously just like with David he has really cool hair, so see how to get the Brooklyn Beckham Hairstyle in these example Brooklyn Beckham hairstyles.

Brooklyn Beckham Hairstyle
Brooklyn Beckham Hairstyle: This is no ordinary teenager with no ordinary hairstyle

Young Brooklyn Beckham really lives the celebrity lifestyle; if he isn’t working out with his Dad, he’s often hanging out with various high profile supermodel friends. Or even traveling the world living the celeb high life that money, power and influence can bring.

Though for the most part, it would appear that young Beckham lives a pretty normal teenage life. He is often just hanging out with his friends or in the gym, which is pretty typical behavior for a young but stylish up and coming teenager if you ask us.

bbBrooklyn Beckham Hairstyle
Brooklyn Beckham Hairstyle: He has sported a range of styles, from smart to casual and scruffy as above.

Young Brooklyn Beckham’s Relationships

Since his split with actress Moretz, Beckham has been observed chatting and laughing it up with various friends in his social circle, including the popular 16 year celeb model Kim Turnbull. Now whether or not these two teens are just good friends is unknown or whether there is more to say about the relationship we do not know the truth here either.

So we will have to see what comes out of it as more time passes by. Of course teenage romances tend to be short lived associations. Romances that are over as quickly as they change their haircuts these days. Nevertheless it is good that Brooklyn can socialise with lots of different groups with different outlooks on life and connections.

bbBrooklyn Beckham Hairstyle
Brooklyn Beckham Hairstyle : Having great hair as a young man, especially as a celeb can really help a career develop

Brooklyn Beckham’s last celeb relationship was a pretty public outing. Often it is public scrutiny that can mess things up. Anyone in the public eye can tell you that it is like being under a microscope.

Having great hair like Brooklyn Beckham means that everything he does around the world gets noticed and commented on. When his father and mother first met, their relationship was actually very private and low key although celeb culture was not what it is today back then. Maybe their eldest son could do with taking some notes and would rather keep his love life secret in the future.

Brooklyn Beckham Hairstyle
Brooklyn Beckham Hairstyle: He looks just as cool and fashionable with shorter hair as pictured here.

One thing is for sure: he most likely won’t ever have a problem landing himself a new leading lady. The world is full of an endless supply of attention seekers who would love to share his arm. Brooklyn Beckham is still very young, so it’s totally understandable if he just wants to take time and pursue normal teenage interests and aspirations.

The Beckham family are often criticised in the British media. But the reality is that at least he has perfect role models in his parents to show him what being in a long term relationship is really like. His parents Victoria and David have been together for 16 years which speaks volumes. They may well be one of the few celebrity couples that actually make it to the very end.

If Brooklyn Beckham continues to follow in his father’s style footsteps, he’ll also find himself in a long relationship. In the meantime he has many years to amaze us with the next cool hairstyle. We’re sure many celeb and non celeb ladies have their eyes on him, especially with his new trendy haircut and regular posts on social media.

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