Afro hairstyles for men are not a new thing to those who are up to date on their knowledge of today’s latest fashions. These are becoming more popular by the day. What hairstyles came to your mind when you think of an afro?

If you think they are simply African American men hairstyles then you are wrong. This hairstyle is actually the style in which kinky or curly hairs are kept relatively long in a way that they are combed back which creates a messy textured ball of hair around the scalp. This hairstyle is not specific for black men, many other men of a different ethnicity sport this look.


The Original Afro

This is the original afro hairstyle and from which other styles are derived. Styling is basic and simple i.e. naturally kinky hair is held back using a strong holding hairspray to make the style intact.


The Twisted Afro

After making twists of your hair, the twists are then moved back into the afro style. This will give a nice look to your style and is best if your hair is friendly to twists.


The Braided Afro

If you further want to modify your style then try this out. It is an ideal combination of braids with an afro, and it works best on African American textured hair. Half of the hairs on the front are braided traditionally and the remaining is styled back in.

Braided hairstyles for afro hairs 2014

The Jewfro

Jewfro is the combination of two words Jew and Afro. It got its name because it was initially worn by Jewish people. It can be styled easily on curly hair, but if you have straight hair then you will first need to curl your hair and then style them. For inspiration I have selected this picture of Andrew Stockdale.


Faded Frohawk

This is a popular style worn by such celebrities as Usher in the past. As you can see, the twisted tips are a nice touch when the length gets longer.


Twisted Ends

Twisted ends aren’t just for the frohawk style. When you let the length grow out, twisting the tips keeps everything from getting too frizzy.


Tight on All Sides


This style is intense to say the least. The hair tightly clung together and stuck to the head.

Flat Top Afro


The flat top is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of rounded top, this style has a plateau to the look.

The “Whoa” Afro


Frizzy hair makes for a puffy afro like this one possible. Some people can’t stand frizz, but clearly this guy doesn’t mind.

Lenny Kravitz’s Afro


Our last look is at a famous celebrity who always rocked a sweet afro. Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce Lenny Kravitz!

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