Asian men have really taken the men’s hairstyles to the next level. They do not conform to any rules, there are no boring short and regular cuts. Korean hairstyles are pushing the limits whether it is in terms of the cut or the way they are styled. They are not shy to stand out and make a style statement of their own.

Asian men hairstyles cover it all from the most sophisticated to the boldest haircuts there are. Koreans in particular are leading this sea of change. Here are some of the  hairstyles for men that are slowly becoming popular, especially among the younger generation.


The Hard Part



This look requires razing the hair on the side and back like the Mohawk.  The stark difference in the length of the hair at the point of parting would lend you an uber-stylish look. Make it a point to use a hair product like Suave Professionals Men’s Styling Gel, to get a distinct wet and fresh appearance.

Short and Thick



A product like Consort Hair Spray is required to maintain the front hair in place.

Long and layered



Korean hairstyles for men are not limited to short hair. You can also go in for a longer cut with layers and do not forget to include a long fringe.

Samurai Bun



A small bun like this is perfect for the texture of Asian hair. You can grow your hair out and style it like the picture above.

Long and spiked



This look keeps the hair at the back straight and long, while most of the styling is done on the front hair.  A hair wax like the Baxter’s Clay Pomade would give a strong hold as well as a matt look required for this style.

Shaved Sides, Long on Top

These Asian men hairstyles are well liked across the globe. One characteristic of Korean hairstyles for men is that there is no holding back. They are high on style and you ought to make a statement with them.


Messy Medium

A medium hairstyle like this works for both casual and professional occasions. You won’t need any product for a style like this.


The K-Pop Style

K-pop stars always have unique and popular hairstyles. A Korean style like this is always in style.


The College Cut

You need to look professional sometimes, and a cut like this works in your favor for that purpose. A nice side parted style works perfectly for this.


Christina Diamond
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