Justin Timberlake Hairstyle 2015

Hairstyles have an effect on our personalities; individuals can read and watch your personality via hair styles as simply as they do by watching your gestures, behavior and outward appearances. Your haircut, hair shading/color and the way you manage and carry it, assume a basic part for your personality.

Why we get influenced by any celebrity? Why would people go nuts over the Justin Timberlake haircut that he’s currently sporting? His skills do inspire us, but his personality also makes an impression on us.




Justin Timberlake Hairstyles From Past to Present



As you can see, Justin Timberlake likes to sport his hairstyles with formal clothing in many cases. Typically you’ll find him wearing a suit and tie, or something similar. He has a very clean-cut look that matches his various haircuts.

The Early Days


26th Annual American Music Awards - Arrivals

If you’re old enough to recognize this style, then you know this is pure and unapologetic 90s at work. This curly afro style combined with blonde highlights makes us cringe now, but imagine, this was the style back then. These days you won’t see cuts like this, but you will see similar afro fade styles, minus the blonde tips.

The Refined Look

Next up we have a more modern look for Justin. While this look call to mind a Caesar cut, he sports it well with his light facial hair. Once again he’s rocking the bow tie look with his suit, which is a look that very few can pull off without looking like total dorks.

2_Latest Haircut of Justin Timberlake

The Side Swept Pompadour (With Confidence)


I have no idea what’s going on in this picture, but that face is priceless. Moving on to the subject at hand, the hairstyle he has here is small pompadour with an undercut on the sides. He slicks it back and to the side, but the puff in front earns him the pompadour status.

Side Part

This photo shows Justin sporting a side part with a bit of a low fade on the sides. Most of the hair near the top of the head is long enough to style it. He also grew out his facial hair and sideburns for this occasion.


Short Justin Timberlake Styles




As you can see, the trend for a Justin Timberlake haircut tends to be one that gravitates towards men with short hair. The styles here range from medium lengths with the hair styled back or to the side, to short buzz cuts where the hair is short across the head.

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