Justin Bieber Hairstyle
Justin Bieber Hairstyle

One of the most celebrated hairstyles among men of all different races, age and size is the Justin Bieber hairstyle. It is something you could wear especially if you are looking for a short hairstyle, just like the ruby rose haircut.

However, you must always check your hair texture, face shape, and hair density before settling on your chosen hair style. Justin Bieber is a style icon and now you can have hair just like him with the Justin Bieber hairstyle guide.

The Justin Bieber haircut, just like many other medium length hairs requires a careful styling process. It involves washing, combing and trimming your hair to certain lengths on the right, top, left and back sides of your head. Let us show you how to gain a Justin Bieber hairstyle step by step.

Justin Bieber haircut

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Doing the Justin Bieber Haircut

1. In order to gain a cool Justin Bieber hairstyle just grow your hair to a desirable length. Your hair should really be kept to a desirable length, especially falling over your eyes and falling way below your ears when it hangs down.

Bieber hairstyles

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2.  Wash your hair clean. Washing your hair is very important prior to cutting it. It makes it easy to work on.

Justin Bieber hairstyle

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3. Trimming – the sides of your hair should be trimmed like these shaved sides hairstyles. The Justin Bieber hairstyle will require you to trim hair to the left, back and right side of your head. This should be done with an objective of leaving out a thick layer of hair at your head’s center.

Hair Justin Bieber

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Brush off your hair in a forward direction and again trim it on either side and in the back side too. Make your hair around the bottom about 1cm long, gradually increasing upwards to about 2cm long at the top.  Use a trimmer to cut the hair short. A buzz cut can be used for shorter styles.

Trim the sideburns especially around your ear to make them look nice and short as well. Make sure they fall to about an inch under the ear.

Justin Bieber hairstyle 2016

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4. Cutting the hair bangs – you can now comb the remaining long hair strands hanging loosely over your forehead and then cut the hair to fall slightly over the eyes. You can use this home haircutting kit. Let the longest hair strands remain at the center. Pick all the hair to the left side, sufficient to fall with ease between your middle and index finger, and cut about half an inch at ago using a razor comb. A razor comb is a good option as it trims your hair while creating layers.

Your cut out bangs should be almost 10cm at the longest point. However, this depends on your head’s size. Quickly move the comb in an up and down motion as your hair remains in an upward straight position. Repeat the procedure for the hair at the center and on the right side too.

Justin Bieber bangs

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5. Blow drying process – you can now blow dry your hair starting from the base to enable to center bangs to dry straight upwards. You can use your hands to hold up or pull up the hair as you dry it. You can also make use of a round brush to assist in holding the hair upwards, although it may not be that important.

Justin Bieber blowdry hairstyle

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6. Use hair wax to rub your hair – using quarter-sized hair wax from the best hair products, rub it to evenly cover both your palms. Lift your hands and carefully run them to both sides into your hair in a way that you can clasp both your hands together around the hair bangs’ base. After that, move them upwards to give your hair texture and volume and then style it up using wax. Repeat this procedure for about 5 times for the middle, top and back parts to a point where they stick up.

Bieber hairstyle 2016


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7. Adding texture to your hair bangs – more hair wax will be needed to rub into your fingers while using it to push up small bits of the bangs. This is for purposes of adding more hair texture.

Justin hair

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8. Comb to shape your hair – using a comb, you can now brush your hair straight up and then curve it upwards although away from the forehead. This should leave the upper part of the bangs curved to the back. The hair lying behind the top can be set towards the top and can somewhat lie flat on your head, or maybe it can be left in an upward straight position too.

Although not a must, you can spray your hair in the event that you would want the hair bangs to maintain an upward position.

Justin Bieber spikey hair

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Justin Bieber Hairstyle Step By Step

Now you can follow this style advice and get the justin bieber hairstyle also, how cool is that!

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