Joe Manganiello Slicked Back Hair
Joe Manganiello Slicked Back Hair

Start 2017 with a Joe Manganiello slicked back hairstyle. There is no doubt that famous actor Joe Manganiello has a really cool slicked back hairstyle for men. In this feature post you can learn how to emulate his awesome slick hairstyle and capture his unique look and style. As an actor well known for his rugged good looks, Joe Manganiello is a style icon for many fashionable and stylish young men around the world.

About Joe Manganiello and His Hair

Joe was born on December 28, 1976. Joe Manganiello then studied acting at Carnegie Mellon University. Manganiello enjoyed some early film success with the movie Spider-Man and then in popular TV shows as ER and One Tree Hill.

A big break in television came in the year 2010. It was here that Joe Manganiello became a popular leading actor. It began with his casting of werewolf Alcide Herveaux on the supernatural Vampire themed drama True Blood. Obviously his really cool slicked back hairstyle might have helped tread this path to fame and fortune. Although in fairness in had much longer hair in True Blood.

Get The Joe Manganiello Slicked Back Hairstyle

Joe Manganiello is well known as a trendsetter for his manly physique and awesome style but that’s not all, far from it. His rugged and handsome good looks and flawless slicked back hairstyle complete his inspirational style and overall look and appearance. Joe is a male style icon for good reason. Check out these photos of Joe Manganiello and his slicked back hair for creative inspiration when working on your own hair.

Work the Joe Manganiello Haircut

You will observe that there is more than one way to make the slicked back hairstyle look extremely cool in 2017. All thanks to the awesome Joe Manganiello and his truly great hair and manly style. Often Joe completes his look with a medium length beard. His hair looks great when clean shaven also.

Joe Manganiello Slick Hairstyle 2017
Capture the look and style of Joe Manganiello with this slick hairstyle for 2017

This first image of Joe Manganiello is an updated version of the slicked back hair icon, Don Draper. The hairstyle adopts the same sheen and back combed style that Draper wears. For 2017, hair is tapered at the sides and there is the addition of a neat and well groomed beard to complete the overall manly look.

Joe Manganiello Slicked Back Hair
Joe Manganiello with a cool slicked back hairstyle with side parting, looking mighty fine in his tuxedo and flecked grey beard

From Red Carpet Hair to Casual Style

In the next picture we go from the red carpet to a more relaxed outdoor setting. Even here Joe’s hair looks awesome. Proof that the slick back hairstyle is a very versatile mens hairstyle. The slicked back hair is more than suitable for both formal and informal occasions.

Joe Manganiello slicked back hairstyle
Joe Manganiello has a slicked back hairstyle with a slight side parting here

Slicked Back Hair With Side Parts and Volume

One of the key components to this slick style is the way the side parting works here. It’s all about the precise placement of the hair you see. This side parting that Joe Manganiello is sporting is deep to one side. Then designed for lining up with the corner of the forehead. Another great place to part the hair is when lined up with the arch of the brow. That is if you happen to have a brow.

Joe Manganiello slicked back hairstyle
Add a little bounce, wave and volume to slicked back hair as with this picture of Joe Manganiello’s haircut

Slick back hairstyles can also be worn a little bit messy and unruly and with extra volume. This example textured slick back hair style that Joe Manganiello is wearing here adds a rugged element to otherwise extremely smart hair. Short sides on the side of the head ensure that this hairstyle is all looking clean cut and tidy. Yet the hair is slicked back and very trendy. The other good thing about this style of slicked back hair is that it is easy to maintain when in a hurry.

Joe once stated in an magazine interview that:

“My life’s pretty damn good and if working out had anything to do with affording me the type of life I have, then bring on more.”

Great hair like that owned by actor Joe Manganiello does give a great impression when you meet a person for the first time. Work it along with your unique style of dress and wardrobe. To emulate these cool hair trends and haircuts for men try starting with these slick hairstyles and see how far you can take your new look into 2017. You will have a Joe Manganiello slicked back hairstyle in no time at all to be sure.

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