You probably have heard about Jeremy Lin, a professional basketball player of American descent currently playing in the National Basketball Association for Charlotte Hornets. Other than his basketball skills, you would probably be interested in his hairstyle. The Jeremy Lin haircut is something you would want to try out if you are a fan of Mohawks and Faux Hawk hairstyles.

If you are comfortable with a sharp pointed artwork on your head, the Jeremy Lin hairstyle is a perfect choice for you. It is one of the medium length hairstyles worn by those who don’t want to keep very long hair.

Jeremy Lin Mohawk

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Getting Jeremy Lin’s Mohawk

1. Jeremy Lin’s Mohawk has what looks like liberty spikes and you can make them the way you want. Therefore, you need to choose what to do with the middle section of your head running to the back as is the nature of Mohawks.

Jeremy Lin hairstyle

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2. You definitely have chosen where to put your Jeremy Lin haircut along with its height and thickness. Therefore, it is time to experiment in order to establish the amount of hair you would need for it.

Jeremy Lin haircut

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Grab some hair and stretch it to find out how it looks without having to shave anything at this stage. This will help you decide what amount of hair to shave and what to leave out. Since Jeremy Lin’s haircut is a Mohawk, you will be required to leave out a hairline roughly as wide as the space between your eyebrows. However, you can make it as thick as it pleases you but avoid both extremes.

Hairstyle Jeremy Lin

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3. Mapping your Mohawk – wash your hair to wet it and dry lightly using a towel for ease of managing it. Part it on either side to mark sections that need to be shaved off. Jeremy’s spikes are somewhat clumsy and not well arranged, so go for that if this exactly is what you want. You will need to clip the hair to be spiked to avoid cutting it.

Jeremy Lin mohawk 2016

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4. You can now shave off your unwanted hair. Hair clippers can help you shave your hair to the desired length. Look at these Neymar hairstyles

5. Take a shower to remove the hair clippings made.

6. Take your hair through a blow drying process to remove moisture that would otherwise weigh your hair down, causing it to clump together.

haircut Jeremy Lin

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7. Pull up the Mohawk hair with a brush for better spikes like those of Jeremy Lin.

8. Hold your hair upwards in a straight position like the Taeyang Mohawk listed in cool Japanese hairstyles but avoid pulling it very hard.

9. Use a fine toothed comb to comb your hair in a backward motion beginning at the base gradually towards the tip. At this point, your hair will be able to stand up unsupported without using any hairspray. During the combing process, always remove the comb totally before a repeat of the process.

10. Use hairspray for the Mohawk section beginning from the base. You can also use hair glue like the one used in graduation hairstyles in a liberal manner by applying it like a maniac near the base for a sturdy look. Rub it using your free hand in an up and down motion for even distribution, particularly if you are applying a mist hairspray.

Mohawk Jeremy Lin

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11. “Blow dry” this hair section in an upright position for about 20-30 seconds or to a point where it becomes dry. A longer drying process is useful for better results for most of the celebrity hairstyles worn today.

12. Repeat the process for all the spikes or hair sections. Make sure it is even and then run a comb for a tidier and connected look. Smear another hairspray coat after doing the combing.

Jeremy Lin hair

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