James Harden Beard Style
James Harden Beard Style

If you love a big beard, consider James Harden beard style. This is a massive beard that ranks among one of the best facial hairstyles for many men.  Men’s faces with beards have been highly ranked alongside stubble among the most attractive when compared to clean shaves. Therefore, having a beard is a cool thing as opposed to the stand taken by clean shavers. The only demand that comes with a massive beard is cleaning and maintaining it.

Before you can think of having this kind of inspired black men beard style, here are some things you need to comprehend and appreciate the way in which James Harden has been able to make his beard a great one.

James Harden Beard

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What you need to know about James Harden Beard

1. It’s a symbol of confidence – if you are that confident person in the company of your buddies, this kind of beard will make you feel like a boss. It gives you confidence as a man. James Harden’s success in basketball has been owed greatly to his confidence as manifested through his choice of beard style. He confidently holds his head high up and will not shy off from directly gazing at you. His beard is always coiffed, clean and very admirable especially when matched with black men haircuts.

James Harden Beard Style

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2. It needs combing and cleaning quite often – keeping a James Harden-like beard comes with a cost. You need to maintain it through combing and cleaning. No woman can stand an unshaved dirty beard even with the latest modern bowl haircut.

Beard James Harden

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3. Shaving requires an expert –you will require the services of a professional barber to take care of this kind of beard. This beard covers a big part of your face and therefore, you need a bearded man who understands your needs.

James Harden

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4. It is perfect for chiseled faces though with Exceptions – if you have a curved face, this is a perfect beard style for you. However, beard shapes are never one-size-fits-all. If you are looking for rounder mugs, maintain a wide beard style that tapers your whiskers to a low level matching that of your Adam’s apple in order to create an illusion of length. For a chiseled face, create a chinstrap crop bottoming out, especially along your jawline.

James Harden Massive Beard

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Getting the James Harden’s Beard Style

Now that you know what James Harden Beard cut means, you probably would want to try it out. Here are various ways of getting it. This includes several situations that may pose a challenge to you and how you could get rid of them.   

James Harden Beard 2016

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1. If you have a semi-developed beard, you can keep sharp lines to mark out your beard. For a haircut that appears airbrushed, you may need to smoothen using your barber’s shaving oil as you take a warm shower. Make sure to use a razor that is double-sided.

Beard Style James Harden

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2. Always slice using the grain after every 2-3 days to have a shank-sharp cutline. Begin from the center of your chin and continue in an outward direction to prevent the beard from being seesaw-like.

Massive Beard James Harden

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3. With this kind of beard, you will most likely feel itchy. However, you can cure the itchiness using a skin moisturizer on a regular basis. This is meant to deter frosted flakes. Should you be sporting a full-grown, you can rub well on shampoo, preferably hair thickening shampoo. After this, make sure you condition it. This should be done about 2 – 3 times in the shower every week. You can also boar-hair brush your beard hair to detangle and remove face bibs of Cheetos specks.

Beard Style 2016 James Harden

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4. Growing your beard – you will require a lot of patience while waiting for your beard to grow. Definitely, genetics is a great contributing factor, but you should give yourself a time of between 4-6 months for a good sprout needed for the James Harden beard style. You can match this beard style with a Slick side part hairstyle.

James Harden Massive Beard 2016

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