How to style medium length hair? How can men get the best medium length haircut? Are these the questions that made you come here? If so then you have come to the right place. Styling hair is fun, but only if you truly know how to do it.

Amazing your friends each time by changing your hairstyle is an easy option to be on the front line. So, we have gathered some of the best and easy tips for styling men’s medium length hair to get the best hairstyle.



Oiling of hair is the best way to provide your hair essential proteins and vitamins. Massage your scalp with a suitable oil at least one hour before washing.




Do NOT over wash your hair. Excessive washing leads to dullness and roughness.



Conditioning will make your hair soft and lively after each wash. The best conditioners for most of your hair are those which are silicone free.



Here are some of the primary and best men hairstyles that are usually adopted by men with medium length hair. This hairstyle is most common and still in fashion as a vintage hairstyle for men or you can say one for medium length hair with wax.


Slick Back

Use clay for a matte finish and wax or pomade for shiny finish. With the help of a comb brush back all the hair towards the neck and you are done.



Carving the scalp with razor as done by Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyles is now very popular. For neat parting you can use any suitable product, but I will suggest American Crew Fiber Pliable Molding Creme.



This one is most appropriate for those who are searching how to style medium length men hairs with layers and bangs or medium length straight hair. After the blow dry as described above, use a small amount of gel or wax if needed, style your hairs with fingers to get a more casual look.


Parted Medium Hair

This hairstyle is a lot like mine. The hair naturally parts and at a medium length, you get a great wavy look.


Slicked Back with Facial Hair

Slicking back your hair is best done with your fingers instead of a comb. That way you can get a nice wavy look like the picture below with your medium length hair.


Christina Diamond
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