Dreadlocks used to be something that only a specific type of man could sport. You had to be an utter badass, a rastafarian, or something in between. Not anymore, now tons of different people are learning how to grow dreads.

If you want to join this revolution, read on to learn the secrets of growing dreads with the best possible results. We’ll also show you some styles for inspiration on the following pages, so let’s do it!


Man Bun Dreads


Dreads are all well and good, but sometimes you need them out of your face. Try tying them up into a man bun style if you need them out of your face.

Game of Thrones Dreads

Recognize this guy? He was a certified badass in Game of Thrones and he’s supposed to be Aquaman too. Maybe he’ll make that character awesome for once.


Dreads For Asian Men

Asian men, are you feeling left out? Dreadlocks are absolutely a valid hairstyle for Asian men, so don’t rule them out!


Laundromat Dreads?

dreadlock-hairstyleDreads fit every aspect of your life, from walking the dog to doing laundry apparently? The shirtless look is optional.

All the Hair


This guy just wanted hair all over his face. Put it on his head, and his mouth and his lips. As always, dreadlocks remain and epic hairstyle for black men.

Silver Dreads

Who says dreadlocks have to be for the young crowd. Even if you’re rocking flowing silver locks, you can have a dreadlock hairstyle in a jiffy.


Dreads with Blonde Color


Dreads don’t have to be dark as they typically appear. Try rocking them with a blonde look like this for a bit of added color.

Containing the Dreads


A bandanna style like this works as well if you need the dreads to stay out of your face. This guy is rocking some serious dreadlocks, but he’s keeping everything in check.

Tribal Dreads


I’m not sure what tribe this guy belongs to, but his dreads are fierce. Combine that with the face paint and you have one heck of a style to sport.

Christina Diamond
Christina is a keen fashion blogger and writes many of the articles here at Mens Hairstyle Club. Not only that, she also has really great hair.
Christina Diamond
Christina Diamond
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