How You Can Get a Fuck Boy Haircut Done

Fuck Boy haircut can better be described as one of the most trending haircuts in 2017, which turned to be popular after famous celebrities such as Miley Cyrus made use of it. The haircut is actually done by shaving off the sides of the head together with the back part while leaving the middle part well groomed. This article looks at how to get a Fuck Boy haircut.Tokeo la picha la Latest fuckboy haircut

The center or middle part of the hair may be trimmed to a desirable length to match the overall haircut. Alternatively, this trendy haircut can be designed to look like a Mohawk. However, there is often a slight difference when compared to a Mohawk. In Fuck Boy haircut, the middle hair is groomed and kept short enough to an extent that it matches the look. Whereas in Mohawk the center or middle part of the hair is usually spiked left or up with long bangs.

Some people prefer a V-shaped look back of the head, and some prefer straight ends that lie to the back to match the appearance and hence officially declare them as Fuck Boy.

How Do I Get It Done?

When you visit your barber to get this sort of haircut fixed, you may only have to mention shave the back and sides and groom the middle part of the hair accordingly. The barber should be able to first of all fade or taper the back and sides. The hair should actually fade up from about one inch to two inches. The taper can then be reiterated on the temples so that the resulting appearance is a nice overall taper.

After this, the barber should be able to blend the middle hair with the sides and back hair. The scissors over comb method can be used. The resulting look should be nicely blended together, such that you should not be able to easily notice the dramatic difference between the two hair sets.

N.B.: You can check in this article how to give instructions to your barber.

There are different variations that can be featured in this haircut. For instance, most people opt for a straight edge razor shave on the sides for the purpose of creating an edgy look. Others go for short trim off the back and sides and then tapering of the trimmed hair parts. In a circumstance of round faces, the blonde bleaching method can be perfect. They look very stunning if perfectly applied.

Tokeo la picha la Latest fuckboy haircut

This hairstyle is additionally suitable for both men and women, and its best benefits are better enjoyed by people who are fond of hair tattooing.  The style gives them an opportunity to try partition separations using the razor shaving approach. Therefore, the style is worth giving a try.

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