Some people consider that growing a beard is a substantial milestone and pretty important step on your way to manhood. You may have spent your early life looking up to huge bearded wizards such as Obi-Wan Kenobi, Chuck Norris, and Ernest Hemingway fully hoping to join their ranks at some point in your life. Unfortunately, you eventually catch a glance of yourself in the mirror and see unpleasant patches. Are you on a suchlike splotchier end of the facial-hair spectrum? Don’t be frightened! This post looks at how to fix patchy beard.

The truth is that not all beards grow to an equal length. There is probably at least a dozen sad and messy Keanus for every Galifianakis out there. The good news is that the desire for apt facial hair growth can get better or be achieved with time for young guys. All the same, there are obviously ways to work with what you have, although, there is no magic potion for miraculously growing a full-fledged beard or filling in the gaps overnight. Here are tips that can help you.

Let It Grow

There are higher chances that you’ve never given your beard the prospect to flourish. Soon after the patches pop up you are most likely to shave them off. This is referred to as the Stubble Cycle, which does nothing other than keeping you in a perpetual state of beard patchiness. Next time consider giving the patches at least a month’s time for growing. Although it may be itchy and somewhat hard, there is no other method of reaching your mug-rug potential.

Master the Short Game

If you give your patchy beard time to grow but know helpful changes are observed, consider opting for a more refined five-o’clock shadow. It is shorter than a beard but not pretty stubble. Begin by investing in a quality beard trimmer to ensure an adjustable length setting. Ensure that you trim your beards after every few days of growth, and greatly focus on shaping your cheeks and jaw-line. Always keep them nice and clean. This way patches will be less noticeable.

Brush It

In a case where facial hair tends to be unruly, you can consider giving it a good brushing or make use of a beard comb to control their direction of growth. The duty is actually not that complex. You only need to work it enough to maintain a matching length and fill in the patches. You can make use of conditioners, but avoid too much of shampooing.


Honestly, you should not consider supplements too much. The science behind them is dicey, since their results are inconsistent in fixing a patchy beard. Biotin is one of the most effectual hair loss remedies you can consider, but there is no dependable data that proves it really works. Besides, biotin can be obtained from natural food such as milk, carrots, and eggs, so it is recommended that you otherwise focus on maintaining a well-balanced diet. Otherwise, if worse comes worst, you can also consider opting for a facial hair transplant.

Christina Diamond
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