early receding hairstyles for men 2014

Receding hair is a problem that is faced by almost every man in his life. It beings with thinning hair. If your hair is thinning then it’s the alarm for either baldness or receding hairlines.

There are different Hairstyles for men with receding hair that will minimize the appearance of your thin hair. Once the receding hairs start, you must take appropriate measures to stop it otherwise it will lead you to complete baldness.


Hairstyles for Early Receding Hairlines

If you are at the early stage of your receding, then there are many hairstyle options left for you to choose from. Early hair receding starts with temple receding hairline but you can have fringe and Mohawk hairstyles for men in this case.


The Quiff/Undercut Combo


Here’s an option for you: try sporting an undercut with a quiff on top. This makes it look like you chose the style instead of the style choosing you.

Hairstyles for Moderate Receding Hairlines

When your hair crosses the early stage of receding then you have to go for receding haircuts rather than hairstyles. Generally the haircuts which are adopted are mostly very short.


Making the Most of What You’ve Got

If your hair is receding, then it’s receding. There’s nothing to be done about it, so sport a style that suits you and you face shape.


Hairstyles for Advanced Receding Hairlines

If you reached the end point of your receding hair and are left with very few bangs or lines of hair, then the only option left for you is a complete bald haircut. This is an easy to cut and easy to carry hairstyle that will save you from visiting your hairdresser as you can shave your head yourself at home.


Bald With Facial Hair


If your hairs are not receding and they are thinning, then you can conceal your hair. They are easily available in colors that can be blended and they are easily washed with common shampoos.

Ryan Reynolds Widow’s Peak

You could always try working with a widow’s peak hairstyle, which is commonly chosen by men with this struggle. As you can see, it blends perfectly with any occasion.


Side Swept Widow’s Peak

Will Arnet always looks classy with his widow’s peak side swept hairstyle. This is an iconic look for him and it works wonders.

Faux Hawk Style

This is more bold, but if you think it looks good, then do it! A faux hawk hairstyle like this is both classy and edgy.


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