Manly hair and beard combinations
Manly hair and beard combinations

As men we have the ability to not only grow and style hair on our heads, but also on our face. The beard, my friends, is a symbol of all that is manly. The ultimate form, however, is a hairstyle and beard combination. By bringing these two elements of a man together, we create a look like none other. You’re probably wondering which facial hair styles fit with which haircuts, but that’s why we’re here.

Manly Hairstyles and Beard Combos

Join us as we look as the ultimate guide for choosing your beard and hairstyle combinations. All of your questions will be answered, and our photos will give you the inspiration you need to make a decision on your hair and beard style combo.

hairstyle and beard combination

A slick hair cut and a fashionable beard can work well together or have the opposite effect. Take a look at these hair and beard combinations and note how they compliment the shape of the face for an ultra cool, sharp and trendy hairstyle and beard combination.

Beard and Stubble (They’re Brothers)

These guys probably aren’t brothers, but they do showcase the options between manly beards and a bit of stubble to keep the ladies guessing. Which of these facial hairstyles for men do you like?

hairstyle and beard combination

These guys look very different and sport completely opposite hair and beard styles. One with long hair and stubble. The other with shorter slicked back hair and longer beard.

Angular Cut With a Thick Beard

This hair and beard combination is very in proportion with the shape of the face. Side swept hair and medium length beard and mustache that goes well with the casual outfit.

hairstyle and beard combination

He’s soft and sensitive on top, but then the beard reminds you that there’s a man in there. This is among the finest beard trimming styles that I’ve seen even if he does look like he is going fishing.

Slicked Back, Light Beard

This is what it looks like when stubble grows up. If you want one of the beard styles for men, but you don’t want a giant man beard, this is a solid style option for smooth looking men.

hairstyle and beard combination

Sometimes a bad beard can age a young man prematurely but not with this manly well groomed beard and swept back hairstyle. A perfect look and style for both work and leisure time.

The Ginger Lumberjack

This look defines a cool ginger hairstyle and beard. This is statement ginger. A red mens hairstyle that says look at me for all the right reasons.hairstyle and beard combination

Red haired men can enjoy this look by growing their beard out to a solid length. Check out this classy look!

Side Parted With a Medium Beard

A very smart hairstyle indeed. Arguably the beard makes this hairstyle appear more mature but this hair and beard combo exudes confidence and charisma.hairstyle and beard combination

Beard and haircut combinations like this show that a great look can also be very professional looking and instil trust and sincerity. Don’t worry about the look on his face, he’s totally fine.

Undercut With a Bushy Beard

This style of mens haircut has it all, long bushy beard and medium layered hair brushed back. Recently trimmed this hair and beard set is hair craftsmanship at its finest although the beard is a little untended at the ends.hairstyle and beard combination

The undercut is an incredibly popular style that is usually paired with a beard. This particular beard could use a little taming and trimming as he has let his beard grow a while untamed.

It’s a Beard, and That’s a Haircut

If you are lucky enough to have great, easy to style hair that does what it is told then complete the entire look with a stylish beard just like this.

hairstyle and beard combination

Not really sure how to classify this manly haircut, but it sure works. The beard is nicely trimmed and groomed as well.

The Gentlemen’s Beard and Hairstyle Combination

A look for the man who moves in high end professional circles, a socialite perhaps, a powerful gentleman whose confidence and attributes stems from his stylish hair and beard combination.hairstyle and beard combination

Ultra professional looks are just a haircut and a beard away. Keep everything trimmed and grab yourself a nice suit to complete the look. This gent would not look out of place in London Mayfair or in any socialites club for sure.

Manly Beard + Manly Haircut = Totally Awesome!

Every cool car needs some cool hairstyles and a well trimmed, perfected beard. This set has it all and is the epitome of looking cool.hairstyle and beard combination

Slicked back hair? Check. Great beard? Check again, this guy’s ready to go!

There you have it a fine selection of hairstyles. No you should be in no doubt as to how to choose the manliest hairstyle and beard combination and perfect your style and look.

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